2 methods to get the separation and recovery of stone powder in artificial sand


Artificial sand needs to go through multiple processes such as crushing, screening, sand making, etc., which will inevitably produce a large amount of stone powder. A proper amount of stone powder can increase the strength of concrete under the action of hydration, fill the voids, increase the density, and reduce the risk of segregation and bleeding of the concrete mixture. However, if the content of stone powder is too high, it is not conducive to the bonding of aggregate and cement stone, which will reduce the performance of concrete.

In addition, as a kind of stone resource, the application of stone powder is also very extensive. Therefore, the separation and recovery of stone powder in artificial sand are very important. This article introduces two commonly used stone powder separation and recovery methods for dry and wet sand-making processes for your reference.

stone powder in artificial sand

1. Bag dust collector + sand powder separator

In the process of crushing and screening materials, a large amount of stone powder will be produced. The overflowing and scattering of these stone powders not only caused a waste of stone resources but also caused serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, in the production process of stone materials, closed processing can be carried out, and then bag dust collectors and sand powder separators can be configured to separate and recover them.

Principle: Based on the theory of fluid mechanics, the stone powder is divided into the sand and fine powder in a suspended state by winnowing to achieve the separation of sand and powder.

Application: It can be used for the separation of over-standard stone powder in the dry production process of artificial sand and the secondary processing of stone powder in the stone production line. This separation method makes the fineness of the artificial sand easy to control and adjust, and the particle gradation is more reasonable. It is suitable for use with various large and medium-sized sand production lines to meet the different needs of users.

stone powder in artificial sand

2. Wheel sand washing machine + fine sand recovery machine

After the material is crushed to make sand. We can arrange wheel sand washer equipment in the lower section of the sand-making machine, which can clean excess stone powder, soil, and impurities in the artificial sand. This method has the characteristics of a good cleaning effect, less loss of medium and fine powder, and small water consumption.

The artificial sand cleaned by the wheel sand washing machine can meet the continuous grading standard. The sewage from the cleaning operation of the artificial sand can be concentrated into the fine sand sedimentation tank for sedimentation, and the fine sand recovery machine is supplemented by the fine sand and stone powder in the sedimentation tank for centralized recovery and utilization.

stone powder in artificial sand

The above two methods can realize the separation, recovery, and centralized utilization of stone powder and sand in the artificial sand production process. While protecting the environment and improving the quality of the finished sand grading, it also solves the recycling of waste stone resources and improves the economic and social benefits of stone production, achieving two goals with one stone.

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