2 problems and solutions in the use of circular vibrating screen


The circular vibrating screen is one of the necessary pieces of equipment in the sand washing line. In the process of using the vibrating screen, customers often encounter two difficult problems, but do not know how to deal with them. Today, this article will analyze the causes of these two problems and the corresponding solutions.

circular vibrating screen

1. Keep throwing oil during use

Since most of the circular vibrating screens are lubricated by an eccentric shaft with oil splashing thin oil lubrication, this kind of lubrication method is difficult to fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon of oil throwing.

circular vibrating screen

Reasons and countermeasures

1) Vibration source rotation centerline produces movement

When the rotation centerline of the vibration source of the circular vibrating screen moves, the airtightness of the vibrator is seriously damaged. Under the action of the rotating centrifugal force, the circular vibrating screen will inevitably cause the phenomenon of oil slinging during the operation of the circular vibrating screen.

2) Pressure difference between inside and outside

The circular vibrating screen will generate a lot of heat during the rotation, which will cause the pressure inside the vibrator to continuously increase. Once the vent is blocked, the internal pressure will continue to increase. After the internal pressure reaches a certain level, it will damage the vibrator, thereby destroying its airtightness and causing oil rejection.

3) The sealing gland is loose

The bearing of the circular vibrating screen is installed in the bearing seat, and the sealing ring is installed on the sealing gland. If the height difference between the end face of the bearing seat and the end face of the bearing is too small, the positioning boss on the sealing gland will lose its fixed positioning function, which will cause the sealing gland and the bearing to be out of concentricity, which will cause the sealing effect of the sealing gland to fail and cause oil slinging.

Check the vibrator regularly to prevent the vibrator from slipping. Choose lubricating oil with a higher viscosity to reduce the amount of oil thrown.

circular vibrating screen

2. The service life of the circular vibrating screen surface is short

The main factors affecting the aging of the screen surface are the structure of the screen surface, the material, and the degree of tension. At present, many circular vibrating screens use polyurethane screens.

Reasons and countermeasures

On the one hand, the anti-aging performance of polyurethane itself is not high. On the other hand, if the worker does not tighten the screen surface when installing the screen surface, that is, when installing the screen surface, only fix both sides of the screen surface without fixing the middle. The screen surface and the bracket will constantly collide and rub up and down during operation. Since the screen surface is in direct contact with the material during the operation of the circular vibrating screen, when the screen surface is not tightened and is in a loose state, the screen surface will vibrate twice, which will increase the wear of the screen surface and accelerate the aging of the screen surface of the circular vibrating screen. Phenomenon.

circular vibrating screen

In this regard, it is recommended to choose a high-quality screen surface, and always check whether the screen surface is loose or damaged. If there is any looseness, the screen surface should be tightened in time; if it is damaged, the screen surface should be replaced in time. When replacing the screen surface, the tension plates on both sides should have the same and uniform tension, and the screen surface must be tightened. The screen surface that has been aging and cannot be used needs to be replaced in time to avoid causing more serious problems.

circular vibrating screen

The above are the two common problems of circular vibrating screens, their causes, and countermeasures. For equipment to operate stably and efficiently, in addition to selecting equipment types that meet the beneficiation process, daily maintenance and maintenance are more important. Therefore, it is recommended that all mine owners consult with professional equipment manufacturers when choosing a circular vibrating screen, and choose equipment suitable for their own process flow to fundamentally ensure the normal operation and economic benefits of the entire concentrator.

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