Do you know the 4 major advantages of artificial sand gravel aggregates


With the increasing decline of natural sand and gravel, the aggregate market for sand and gravel is gradually booming. Especially with the increasing number of infrastructure projects, the demand for sand and gravel continues to increase, and there is even a trend that demand exceeds supply. Compared with natural river sand, what are the advantages of artificial sand and gravel sand?

artificial sand and gravel aggregates

1. Resource advantage

It is self-evident that the mining of natural sand is harmful to the environment, and it is a non-renewable development model in the long run. On the other hand, driven by environmental protection policies, the natural sand market is gradually shrinking, which undoubtedly has an impact on the sand and gravel market. Natural sand can be based on various waste resources, in line with the scientific development concept and the advantages of saving and recycling economy management, and it has long-term responsible persons and fixed business sites.

artificial sand and gravel aggregates

2. Quality advantage

The quality of natural sand is easy to be unstable, which causes a waste of resources. The fixed source of artificial sand and gravel and the mechanized production method ensure that the quality of the product is stable, adjustable, and controllable.

artificial sand and gravel aggregates

3. Quality advantage

Artificial gravel sand has high surface energy and hydrophilicity, complete gradation, micro-gradation less than 75μm, and multiple mineral components to choose from. The particle stability can be adjusted, and the particle shape can also be improved.

artificial sand and gravel aggregates

4. Advantages of physical and chemical energy

The axial compressive strength, static elastic modulus, impermeability, frost resistance, corrosion of carbonized steel bars, shrinkage, creep, and other mechanical and long-term durability properties of artificial gravel sand are equal to or slightly higher than natural sand concrete. Therefore, compared with natural sand, artificial gravel sand not only has a wide range of sources, but is also stable in material, easy to manipulate and control, has good performance, can meet the needs of construction, and is economically feasible. It is the development direction of the construction market in the future, and it is also very beneficial to natural environmental protection.

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