Advantages of high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen


Sand and gravel construction has been continuously upgraded and reformed. As a strong mining equipment company, Longzhong Machinery has designed environmentally friendly and efficient mine tailings high-frequency vibrating dewatering screens to promote the development of green mines, from environmental protection, energy-saving, benefits, intelligence, and other aspects. Get a breakthrough.

high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen

1. Equipment introduction

Machine-made sand or natural sand cannot be separated from fine sand recovery equipment. The environmentally friendly high-efficiency mine tailings high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen is a complete sand-making production line integrating sand making, feeding, conveying, and screening. It is suitable for processing cobblestone, granite, bluestone, limestone, quartz stone, construction waste, etc., and is used in metallurgy, mining, construction, highway, and railway fields.

high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen

2. Many advantages and highlights

Environmental protection and high-efficiency mine tailings high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen production line, using advanced dust collection technology, no dust on the worksite, environmental protection is one of its highlights. The vehicle-mounted integrated design is similar in appearance to a car and can walk freely on roads, overcoming various sand-making operations in more complex environments. Therefore, environmental protection and convenience are other highlights of this equipment.

high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen

Relying on its advanced technology, exuding extraordinary temperament, and combining its own performance advantages, I will summarize it as follows for everyone.

1) Excellent quality and superior performance: Advanced technology, equipment quality must meet the standard, combining “wisdom” with “quality benefits” to improve the overall performance of the equipment.

2) Free walking and convenient transition: It is not affected by the geographical environment, can walk on the road freely, no license plate is required, and the transition is convenient and quick.

3) Great power and low operating cost: Diesel or power can be used to switch between energy consumption. With excellent quality and advanced design concepts, the equipment has sufficient horsepower and strong hair, low operating costs, and high sand-making efficiency.

high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen

4) Strong sealing, green and environmental protection: Breaking the traditional design concept, starting from the perspective of environmental protection, the equipment has strong sealing, compact structure design, no noise, advanced dust collection technology, and no dust on the production site.

5) PCL control and flexible operation: The PCL control system is adopted, which can effectively control the operation of each component through each button, which is safe and reliable, and the operation is simple and trouble-free.

Environmentally friendly and efficient mine tailings high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen production line has many advantages and preferential prices.

high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen

3. How about the equipment price

The price of the environmentally-friendly and efficient mine tailings high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen production line cannot be generalized. After all, different customer needs are different, affected by configuration, model, material selection, function, etc., equipment investment costs vary, so the quotation cannot be answered uniformly. Most customers are customized for their own needs, and the investment cost can be controlled by themselves. If you expect to purchase an environmentally friendly fine sand recovery machine, please “talk online” to the customer service of Longzhong Heavy Industry, and we will provide you with a satisfactory model and quotation.

high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen

4. Excessive noise

It may be damaged bearings, loose bolts, broken beams, and damaged springs. Except that the bolts can be tightened, parts need to be replaced in the other three conditions.

5. The rotation becomes slower and the bearing heats up

Reasons and solutions: the usual maintenance has not kept up, the bearing lacks grease, if it is newly added grease, it is the quality of the grease or the grease is too full, and the inferior oil causes the bearing to block the labyrinth seal, so the grease is Quality is very important.

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