Analysis of 5 common faults in the production of sand making machine


Currently, river sand mining is banned and sand prices are rising. As the mainstream machine-made sand equipment, sand-making machines have received more and more attention. During production, various problems of the sand-making machine will inevitably occur. If they cannot be solved in time, the production will be delayed and the efficiency will be affected.

sand making machine

1. The sand making machine is blocked

The common reasons that cause material blocking in sand-making machines are as follows.

1) The material has large water content.

2) The material is too hard or the particle size is too large.

3) The feeding speed is too fast and the feeding is too much.

4) The tightness of the V-belt is inappropriate. After the triangle drive belt is loose (slipping), the power cannot be transmitted to the sheave wheel, thereby crushing the stone.

5) Improper adjustment of the discharge opening. If the speed of discharging materials is too slow, subsequent crushed materials will accumulate in the discharge port and crushing cavity, causing discharging obstacles.

sand making machine

2. Sudden shutdown of equipment

Cause of issue

1) The material in the crushing cavity is blocked.

2) The V-belt is too loose.

3) The working voltage is inappropriate or too low.

4) The internal parts come off.

5) The impeller is stuck.

6) The bearing is locked or the spindle is broken.

7) There is a problem with the equipment cable, broken or poor contact.


1) Shut down, clean up the materials, prohibit materials with large particle sizes or more water content from entering the machine, and feed evenly to avoid excessive amounts.

2) Adjust the tightness of the V-belt.

3) Select the voltage that meets the requirements of the equipment.

4) Perform an internal inspection of the equipment.

5) Strictly control the hardness of the material, and prohibit the entry of unbreakable materials.

6) Repair or replace the worn spindle.

7) Check the connection line and repair it.

sand making machine

3. The motor power supply is unstable

Cause of issue

The main bearing of the sand-making machine has poor lubricity, reduced flexibility, loose feeder, high discharge concentration, serious wear of gears and horizontal cylinder liners, or equipment motor circuit failure, which may cause the sand making machine’s motor power supply to be unstable.


Lubricant should be added to the rotating bearings in time, the worn gears and liner devices should be adjusted and replaced, the motor circuits should be overhauled, and equipment failures should be eliminated.

4. Abnormal vibration of the sand making machine

Cause of the issue

1) Excessive wear of the transmission bearing.

2) The gear mesh is incomplete or severely damaged.

3) The ground connecting bolts or the large gear connecting bolts are loose, etc.


1) Adjust the gear gap.

2) Replace worn bearings or gear parts.

3) Re-tighten the loose bolts of the feet.

sand making machine

5. The sand making machine produces a strong impact sound

Cause of the issue

When the sand-making machine is working, if foreign matter is mixed in the gears or the gears are loosened and the gears are loosened, it will cause the equipment to produce a strong impact sound. This phenomenon can also occur when the rotating bearing or the link bolts on the foundation are loose.


At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection, remove the foreign objects and replace the worn gears, and tighten the connecting bolts.

sand making machine

The above are the five common failure causes and solutions of sand-making machines. In the next issue, the editor will continue to sort out the common failure causes and solutions of sand-making machines for users’ reference.

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