Application range of mobile sand making machine


The mobile sand making machine is not afraid of terrain changes and site size. It has flexible turning, fast movement, simple assembly, convenient use, easy maintenance, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and is deeply loved by customers.

The mobile sand making machine is a novel mobile rock crushing equipment, which greatly expands the concept of crushing field operation. Its design purpose is to stand on the customer’s standpoint to eliminate the obstacles that the crushing site and environment bring to the customer’s crushing operation. Countermeasures, and provide customers with high-yield and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

mobile sand making machine

Scope of  mobile sand making machine

The mobile sand-making machine can crush construction waste, coal gangue, coal, river pebble, quartz sand, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, etc., especially for material processing and fluid stone processing that require relocation operations. In the fields of construction waste treatment, sand and gravel yard, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, etc.


1. Flat feeder

2. Vibrating screen

3. Equipment such as box crusher or impact crusher

4. Washing the grinding wheel

5. Carrack

6. Hydraulic pump station

mobile sand making machine

Working Principle

1. The raw materials are poured into the horizontal feeder through the excavator or loader.

2. The feeder transports the raw materials to the vibrating screen for sorting.

3. At the same time as sorting, the sand is directly dropped into the water wheel for washing, and the sorted bulk material enters the crusher at the end of the vibrating screen for crushing.

4. The sand crushed by the crusher falls into the washing wheel for washing.

5. After the sand is washed twice with water, it is piled up on the conveyor belt to control the water and load the truck.

mobile sand making machine

Performance Advantages

1. The configuration is flexible, the appearance is strong, and the production capacity is not disappointing. It is a new generation of mobile equipment developed and upgraded based on traditional fixed machines for the nature of stone materials. It is intelligent and convenient in the production process of processing stone ore and construction waste, attracting users and friends. pay attention to.

2. It is a new type of crushing equipment that can be moved, and it is a product under new production requirements. Users can choose the configuration plan according to the actual situation, and the models are various. It has more investment in production costs, so it is more expensive than fixed crushing stations in terms of pricing. However, in the later production process, the equipment does not need to build a base or fixed installation. It can be directly moved to the sand and gravel production site to reduce the cost of stone. Transportation costs, convenience in the production process, high output, convenient transfer, and multiple uses of one machine are not available in many crushers.

3. The mobile sand-making machine is a combination of multiple types of equipment, which has the functions of feeding, crushing, screening, and conveying. The type of equipment configured is different, and the output particle size will be different, which will have a certain impact on the price. The higher the price, the higher the price.

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