Common sense questions you need to know about sand making machines


The price of machine-made sand is relatively cheap, and another important reason is that the machine-made sand produced by the sand-making roller machine has the characteristics of uniform grain shape, uniform material, high quality, and good adhesion, which meets the requirements of construction sand. This makes the sand sold at a higher price and is more popular in the market.

sand making machines

Advantages of sand making machine

1. Uniform discharge and high crushing efficiency

The sand-making counter-roller produces uniform sand. The material is crushed by the extrusion and grinding of the two rollers. The extrusion of the rollers can generate a strong high pressure, and the material can be easily crushed.

2. Low investment cost and long service life

The sand-making machine is small in size, occupies a small area, is not expensive, and has a low investment cost. The replacement cycle of wearing parts is relatively long. Unlike other equipment, the wearing parts need to be checked frequently. The hydraulic roller machine can be disassembled for one year. Check it once, and the wearing parts have a long service life.

sand making machines

Daily failure analysis of sand making machine

1. The value of the ammeter is abnormal

This is a relatively common failure or a harbinger of failure.

Reasons: Inappropriate feeding volume of the hopper, excessive accumulation of material in the crushing cavity, blockage of the discharge hole, slippage of the V-belt, damage to the motor, and some mechanical or electrical failures will cause abnormal data on the ammeter.

2. The temperature of the bearing, motor, or oil in the oil return station is too high

When the temperature exceeds the standard, it should be stopped for inspection.

Reason: The motor is overloaded for a long time; the bearing cylinder is damaged, and the operator should pay attention to the sound when the bearing is running. If the sound changes, especially when the sound is low and muffled, it indicates that the bearing has deteriorated; the bearing lacks lubricating oil; lubricating oil is discharged The groove is blocked, causing the pressure in the bearing housing to increase, causing the grease to fail.

sand making machines

3. Excessive vibration and abnormal wear of the equipment

Uneven wear on the part of the impeller distributor. The material accumulation in the crushing cavity is uneven. Damping pads damaged. The impeller and main shaft connection are loose. The main bearing was damaged. Loose bolts, etc.

Solution: Check the wear of the impeller, distributor, and related wear-resistant blocks, and replace the corresponding throwing head. Check the material accumulation in the crushing cavity and adjust the feeding speed. Replace the damping pad or main bearing. Tighten loose bolts.

Reason: The uneven wear of the throwing head of the distributor in the impeller is mostly caused by the unreasonable angle of the material plate. The wear of the outer wall of the crushing chamber is caused by too much-crushed material.

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