Equipment debugging and operation maintenance of trommel screen


The equipment debugging and operation and maintenance of the trommel screen are very helpful to the daily work. Correct installation and commissioning have an indirect effect on screening materials and reducing customer investment. The quality, durability, and subsequent maintenance of the equipment are also another evaluation of the value of the equipment itself. The following is a general introduction to the equipment debugging and operation and maintenance of the trommel screen for new and old users.

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Equipment debugging of trommel

1. Preparation before commissioning

1) After the components of the trommel screen are installed and passed the inspection, the trial operation can be carried out. Before the trial operation, check in detail that the components are installed correctly as shown in the drawings, the fasteners are firm, and whether there are obstacles around the screen body that hinder the operation of the drum screen.

2) Put the rectangular inspection door in the open position, and rotate the screening cylinder by manual turning to observe whether the comb-type cleaning mechanism has jamming or friction. If there is, it can be adjusted by adjusting the bolt.

3) Check that each bearing seat and gearbox should be well lubricated, and the gearbox oil level should be appropriate.

4) The power connector should be firm and reliable, well insulated, and grounded correctly.

trommel screen

2. No-load test run

1) Jog the motor control button and check that the rotation of the motor should be consistent with the rotation shown on the cage drum screen.

2) Start the equipment to operate for 1-2 hours and observe the operation of the trommel screen. If abnormal noise or other phenomena are found, stop the machine for inspection in time to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

The following items should be checked during 1-2 hours of trial operation

a. The temperature of the main shaft bearing should not exceed 75℃ and the temperature rise should not exceed 45℃.

b. The tightening situation of the tightening bolts everywhere, if found to be loose, should be tightened in time.

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3. Feeding

1) When the sieving machine is running smoothly, start the feeding and discharging equipment, and conduct a trial run for feeding.

2) Close the sealed isolation cover after normal discharging (in normal operation, the sealed isolation cover should always be in the closed position).

3) Check the particle size of the discharged material and whether there is material leakage and dust.

4) After running for half an hour, carefully check all parts and deal with any problems in time.

5) The operation should be checked frequently during the working process. If an abnormal operation or abnormal sound is found, the machine should be shut down for inspection in time to find out the reason and eliminate the fault.

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Operation and maintenance of trommel

The trommel screen is reliable in operation and small in maintenance. The following is a brief description of several issues that should be paid attention to during operation.

1. When driving, the trommel must be turned on first, and then the feeding equipment must be turned on. The opposite is true when parking.

2. Three days before the operation, check the trommel screen fasteners every day and tighten them in time if they are loose. In the future, the drum screen fasteners can be inspected and processed regularly (weekly or half a month).

3. The lubrication of the bearing seat and gearbox should be checked regularly, and the oil should be added and changed in time. The large shaft bearing adopts No. 2 lithium-based grease. Under normal circumstances, add grease once every two months. The amount of grease should not be too large, otherwise, the bearing may be overheated. All bearings should be cleaned and inspected once a year.

4. When the equipment is out of service for a long time (more than 30 days) and restarted, the motor insulation should be shaken to prevent the motor from burning.

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LZZG’s trommel screen is used to control the sorting of materials by the size of the particle size. The sorting accuracy is high, the structure is simple, the workload is large, the durability is low, the use cost is low, and the maintenance is convenient. If you want to know more about the models and materials of the roller screen production line, please consult us. We will provide you with a quotation.

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