Features of cone crusher


Due to the particularity of the production environment, the cone crusher often works in a heavy production system. A good lubrication system is of great significance to the normal operation of the crusher equipment and high-efficiency production. Therefore, to ensure the normal production of the crusher, The lubrication system of the cone crusher has a fairly sophisticated system. In addition to heating, cooling, and pressure detection and control devices, the lubrication system usually has some corresponding features.

cone crusher

1. Oil pump

Generally, there are two oil pumps in a cone crusher. In addition to the normal use of the oil pump, there is a spare oil pump to ensure that the oil pump can supply oil in time when an accident occurs, thereby avoiding major equipment accidents caused by problems with the lubrication system.

cone crusher

2. The filter adopts double-cylinder mesh filtering

And it has two filter cartridges, one of which is spare; in addition, there is a magnetic filter device at the oil return port of the oil circuit, which is mainly used to filter the fine ferromagnetic particles that may be produced by friction during the production process of the crusher. , To ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating oil.

cone crusher

3. The filter is installed in front of the cooler

This is mainly due to the ability of the oil to pass through the filter. On the one hand, there may be some fine particles or impurities in the filter due to frequent use. If the lubricating oil is cooled by the cooler first, the viscosity of the oil will be higher. Its passing ability in the oil filter is poor, which affects the normal oil circulation. Therefore, the installation of the filter and the cooler is designed and installed according to the principle of filtering first and then cooling.

cone crusher

4. Equipped with instrument panel and electric control box

A dashboard is installed in the lubrication system for all the data that needs to be displayed. Through the pressure gauge, the staff can intuitively and conveniently observe the oil pressure at the outlet of the oil pump and the oil station. And there is two pressure regulating devices in the corresponding parts, which can realize the automatic regulation and control of oil pressure. A differential pressure gauge controller is installed at the inlet and outlet of the double-tube filter to detect and control the oil pressure of the corresponding part. When the oil pressure difference continues to rise, a corresponding signal will be issued to remind the operator to replace or clean the filter element of the filter. When the pressure of the pressure gauge at the outlet of the oil pump is too high or too low, the corresponding oil pressure alarm will be issued, and the standby oil pump will be activated according to the situation. The control of the oil temperature mainly uses the electric contact pressure thermometer combined with the temperature relay to realize the operation of starting, stopping, and cutting off the power supply of the heater.

cone crusher

The lubrication system of the cone crusher plays a very important role in the normal operation and high-efficiency production of the crusher. The crusher is also heavy-duty mechanical equipment. If there is a lubrication system failure and cannot be solved in time, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment or even a production accident. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand that the usual equipment in the lubrication system of the crusher equipment is equipped with two One, one spare. A good understanding and mastery of the lubrication system of the cone crusher can help us to use and maintain the crusher, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and extend the service life of the crusher.

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