How Much Does A Sand Washing And Recovery Machine Cost?


Artificial sand has become the main development of the market with sand.High quality artificial sand can not work without a sand washing machine, with the construction of buildings, urban roads, highways, sand demand rises rapidly, which also drives the development of sand washing machine, but how much is a set of environmental washing sand production line?The price depends on different aspects, which are as follows:

Factors that influence prices

Processing capacity

The size of an all-in-one machine changes with the amount of processing capacity. Relatively speaking, the larger the amount of processing, the larger the size, the higher the price.So processing capacity is also an important factor affecting the price.

Manufacturing technique

Different manufacturers have different manufacturing processes, generally the better the manufacturing materials, the longer the service life, the lower the damage rate, but also the more expensive.

Strict requirements on the water content and quality

Generally speaking, the water content of sand used in construction is not more than 0.8%. The standard of sand washing equipment is simple structure and low energy consumption, which can complete the washing and removal of coarse aggregate and fine aggregate.

Reduction gears

Reducer is used to balance the motor and roller bearing, in other words, reducer also determines the service life of the machine, so it will affect the price.


Most machines are powered by motors, which are very important to a machine.The power and life of the motor indirectly affect the efficiency and life of the machine.

Why choose sand washing and recovery machine?

1.It has the function of washing sand and fine sand dehydration recovery, which is cleaner than the traditional sand washing machine to clean the material, which is better in quality and price.

2.The all-in-one machine has higher working efficiency, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

3.Long service life and low maintenance cost.

4.Reasonable structure, small floor space, lower investment cost than two machines

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