How to choose a sand production line site


The selection of the sand production line site is particularly important in the construction of the sand production line, so how to choose the sand production line site?

 sand production line site

1. The principle of saving

When choosing a sand production line site, pay attention to the three principles of economy, convenience, and environmental protection. The sand production site should be close to the raw materials of machine-made sand, which can shorten the transportation distance and reduce the consumption during transportation.

Secondly, to save the site area, the configuration of sand making equipment should be reasonable and compact, and the production should be intensive; maximize the use of terrain advantages, for example, you can choose places with slopes, which not only facilitates the transportation of materials, reduces energy consumption, but also saves sand making Cost of production.

 sand production line site

2. The principle of facilitation

The site of the sand production line should choose a place with convenient transportation, close to the transportation hubs such as railways and highways, which can facilitate the transportation of sand and gravel materials.

Secondly, we must choose a place with a convenient water supply and power supply conditions. The production of the sand production line cannot be separated from the support of water and electricity. Therefore, we must choose a place with abundant water sources that can meet the needs of production and daily life; choose a place with relatively cheap electricity prices to save energy. capital and reduce sand production.

 sand production line site

3. Principles of environmental protection

Environmental protection is an important issue that needs to be considered when selecting a sand production line site. Only when the sand production line achieves the purpose of environmental protection can we achieve sustainable development, reduce environmental pollution problems, and protect the ecological environment of sand production. The sand production line site should be far away from residential areas, and it is best to deal with wastewater and dust to avoid noise, dust, and sewage pollution.

When choosing a site for sand making production line, various factors should be considered comprehensively. Conservation, facilitation, and environmental protection are the three basic principles for the site selection of a sand-making site. Following these three principles can ensure the high efficiency of the sand-making production line. , orderly operation.

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