How to choose the right fine sand recycling machine


As one of the equipment in the sand production line, the fine sand recovery machine plays an important role in mining and other industries. Generally speaking, in the existing fine sand production operations, the following problems are often encountered.

 fine sand recycling machine

1. In the mortar water discharge of the sand and gravel production line, the fine sand of 0.16 mm is lost along with the water flow.

2. The existing wet production process will seriously affect the configuration of sand, resulting in unreasonable preparation and coarser fineness modulus, which greatly reduces the quality of machine-made sand products.

3. Excessive fine sand discharge will cause environmental pollution and more workload in the sedimentation tank.

 fine sand recycling machine

Causes of the above problems

The reason is that no fine sand recovery device is used in the sand production line. Your advantage of using a fine sand recovery device is.

1. Significant increase in economic benefits: Take the sand production line with an output of 90m3/h as an example, the water output of the sand washing machine pump is 80m3/h, the water and sand content of the general mortar is 3% (2.580m3/h), and the recovery rate is 70 %-80%, 12 hours of production per day, then the finished sand recovered every day is:
2.580m3/h*70%*12=21.67m3/h, 650m3/h per month.

2. The finished sand J produced by the sand production line is more reasonable, the fineness modulus will be reduced, and the overall quality of the finished sand will be improved.

 fine sand recycling machine

The advantages of choosing the Longzhong Heavy Industry LZ series fine sand recycling machine.

1. The high wear-resistant mortar pump adopts high-quality high-chromium alloy (high-chromium plus molybdenum alloy). The impeller, cover plate, and impeller cavity are all adopted, and the wear resistance and service life are greatly enhanced.

2. The dewatering screen, the sieve plate, and the nozzle are the synthetic plastics developed by our factory and several molecular research units through repeated trials so that the wear life of it is 5-6 times longer than that of the steel plate, and it is not easy to block the holes.

3. The whole process is fully automated, without manual labor, which can save a lot of labor costs in the sewage treatment process.

4. According to user needs, design, modification, and application to more fields such as commercial concrete companies, dock sand absorption, and other industries.

5. Longzhong Heavy Industry’s fine sand recovery device has various models, various power and processing capacity of fine sand recovery devices to meet the needs of various sand and gravel production lines.

 fine sand recycling machine

If you have the intention to purchase a fine sand recovery device, I hope you can contact us as soon as possible. The fine sand recovery machine manufacturer Longzhong Heavy Industry looks forward to cooperating with you.

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