How to operate the sand-making machine correctly


In the initial use process, if the river pebble sand-making machine does not operate normally, various failures will inevitably occur, which will directly affect the later production efficiency and the service life of the equipment. Therefore, how to operate the sand-making machine correctly on the production line is very important.

 sand-making machine

Before the production of the river pebble sand making machine, it is necessary to carry out the test machine, that is, without adding any material, run it for some time under no-load conditions, and run the parts in between the machines. Avoid overloading production as much as possible, mainly because overloading can lead to component damage and early failure. Control the feeding and discharging of the river pebble sand-making machine to avoid the phenomenon that the feeding is too small, the discharging is too fast, and the discharging is too slow, which is beneficial to the normal operation and production efficiency of the equipment. The lubrication of the equipment should also be timely and appropriate to reduce the wear of the components, the operation of the equipment should be checked regularly, and the components should be maintained or replaced according to the situation.

The correct operation of the pebble sand-making machine is crucial to it, which directly affects the entire production process. With the continuous improvement of technology, if it can run well and operate correctly in the early stage, the possibility of river pebble sand-making machine failure in production can be greatly reduced.

 sand-making machine

Precautions for the use of river pebble sand making machine production line

1. The river pebble sand-making machine works for 400 hours, and an appropriate amount of oil should be added. After 2000 hours of operation, the spindle assembly should be opened to clean the bearings. If it works 7,200 hours, it will replace the new bearing.

2. The sand-making machine should pay attention to daily maintenance. It is necessary to shut down the sand-making machine regularly and observe the internal wear of the sand-making machine regularly. If worn, it should be replaced or repaired in time. In addition, it should be noted that in the normal operation of the sand-making machine, to avoid dangerous accidents, it is impossible to open the observation hole.

3. The tension of the drive V-belt should be properly adjusted to ensure the grouping and matching of the V-belt so that the length of each group is as uniform as possible. The difference in current between the two motors should not exceed 15A.

4. During the working process, since the sand-making machine is high-speed operation equipment, special attention should be paid to safety. Workers should stay away from the equipment. If servicing is required on the machine, it will need to be powered off before operation.

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