Installation points of 5 major components of the gyratory crusher


This article takes the gyratory crusher as an example to introduce the installation steps and precautions of the lower frame, the transmission part, the eccentric bushing part, the middle frame, the crushing cone part, and the beam.

gyratory crusher

1. Installation of the lower rack

The installation of the lower rack is the basis of equipment installation. First, install the lower rack on the foundation, and the equipment and foundation must be consistent during installation. A gap of not less than 30mm should be reserved between the base of the lower frame and the foundation due to the secondary grouting. After the second grouting, tighten the anchor bolts to ensure the stability of the equipment.

2. Installation of the transmission part

The installation of the transmission part is related to the operation of the equipment, so it must be noted that the center of the two copper sleeves must always be kept on the same horizontal line during installation, and there should be no deviation. The radial clearance between the copper sleeve and the shaft should also be strict to the instructions in the equipment manual. within a certain range. When installing the transmission shaft, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of gasket between the flange of the transmission housing and the frame to adjust the position of the bevel gear to meet the product design requirements.

gyratory crusher

3. Installation of the eccentric shaft sleeve

Special attention should be paid to the installation process to protect the smoothness and integrity of the friction surface of the babbitt layer. Check whether the tooth top clearance meets the requirements after installation, and correct it in time if any abnormality is found. The size of the gap can be adjusted by changing the number of adjusting shims.

4. Installation of the middle rack

The installation of the middle frame needs to be calibrated through the upper flange of the lower frame. Before installation, make sure that the gaps between all the flanges in contact with the cone surfaces are equal, and the error should be less than 0.5mm. The gap between the upper and lower joint surfaces is generally about 15mm.

When installing, make sure that the pins are tightened, and after the machine has been running for some time, tighten the pins one by one again, so that all the pins on the circumference are evenly stressed, strengthen their stability, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

gyratory crusher

5. Installation of broken cone and beam

(1) The crushing cone is installed separately

Use the lifting ring on the shaft to hoist the broken cone into the frame, then place wooden pads on the ribs at the lower part of the frame to support the cone, then install the beam, and install the nut and jacket on the upper end of the main shaft, and finally install the cap. , and then take out the wooden mat and wooden wedge.

(2) The crushing cone is installed together with the beam

It is to install the beam and the crushing cone on the special pit in advance, and then install them into the frame together. When hoisting broken cone and beam components, pay attention to the hoisting method, and wire ropes must be used to hang on the beam of the beam to prevent accidents during the hoisting process. The crushing wall of the crushing cone must be pressed tightly to prevent loosening. Before pressing, apply dry oil to the lower space of the fixing ring (pressing plate) and the anastomotic bolts to prevent rust or corrosion and affecting the life of the equipment.

The installation of the above main components of the rotary breaker is for your reference only. The specific installation steps and details may vary depending on the type of equipment and the design of the manufacturer, and the manufacturer’s provision shall prevail. Correct installation is the basis for ensuring the good operation of the equipment, so it must be careful and meticulous, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to subsequent production.

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