Mine dewatering screen: improve the utilization rate of resources.


For many years, luoyang longzhong has been devoted to improving the recycling rate of resources and developing a series of patented products. In the continuous experiment, different results have been achieved in the aspects of tailings reselection, tailings extraction, wastewater purification treatment, mineral processing automation technology, and new processing technology. Longzhong had been developed fine sand recycling machine, mine dewatering screen and tailings dewatering screen. It also plays an important role in the reselection of tailings.

Mine dewatering screen

Longzhong series products not only realize the sustainable development of enterprises and circular economy, but realize the purification of waste water, which has brought the sand factory boss greater benefits.

Longzhong is designing tailings dry pile and tailings recovery solution for many mines and sand factories. If you need to know more information, please consult the customer service staff online.

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