Sand Washing Water Treatment Process



Sand washing water treatment system has the functions of environmental protection, recycling and reuse. It is a systematic solution to the problems of tailings water purification and solid waste dry discharge in mining dressing.



The system is composed of tailings dry discharge machine (fine sand recovery machine), thickener machine and wing pressure filter unit.


1.The sand washing waste water is first concentrated by the cyclone of the fine sand recovery machine and then dehydrated and screened to achieve sediment separation.

2.After the first step of separation, the sewage (containing 2%-10% solids) will enter the purification body and add flocculant for further gravity settlement and concentration,which could turn it to 40%~60% mud.

3.The mud concentrated in the second step is pumped to the belt filter press through the special pump of the filter press.And the water in the sludge is discharged through the device of gravity dehydration, wedge dehydration and high pressure dehydration with the extrusion roller so that it can be separated into water and mud cake.

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