Sand Screw Washer VS Screw Classifier


Sand screw washer belongs to sand washing equipment, and screw classifier belongs to mineral processing equipment, which can also be used for sand washing. But they are similar in appearance, differences are reflected from the following aspects:


  1. Appearance

The blades are different. The blade of sand screw washer is solid, and the blade of screw classifier is hollow.

  1. Principle

Sand screw washer must be inclined when it’s working. The lower part of the tank is surrounded by three weir plates to form a sedimentation tank. The spiral drives the reducer to rotate continuously through the motor, and supplies washing water from the porous plate at the bottom of the sedimentation tank, which has three functions of washing, dehydration and classification.

Screw classifier is a kind of classification device, for solid particles of different size and weight, so the settling velocity in the fluid, fine particles float in the water overflow, coarse particles sink to the bottom, and then was pushed to the upper discharge by screw rod, the thin material of the filtered out from the overflow pipe.

  1. Application

Sand screw washer is mainly used for sand cleaning. The output of it is related to its length and width. Screw classifier is widely used in concentrator, gravity concentrator classification of ore and metal concentrator technology and slurry size classification, desliming dehydration and other operations.

  1. Sample throughput

While washing sand, because of the large blade area of sand screw sand washing machine and the same amount of sand transported at the same time, its hadling capacity is about 2~3 times that of the classifier of the same size.

  1. Sand washing effect

With the same size equipment, the sand screw washer ‘s warehouse is larger than the screw classifier, the sand precipitation time also becomes longer, so the washed sand is clearer.

  1. Product type

The sand screw washer has the difference of single helix and doule helix. The processing capacity can be increased by lengthening the length of the sand washer or arranging double helix.

Screw classifier mainly has high weir type single spiral, low weir type single spiral, sunk type single spiral and double spiral and so on several kinds, at present it’s common to use high weir type and sunk type.

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