The scope of application and basic operation of small sand washing machine


Small sand washing machine is a kind of low energy consumption sand washing machine equipment. the small sand washing machine is light, so its transportation, installation, operation and maintenance is quite convenient. The small sand washing machine covers small area and has low investment cost. The only point you need to pay attention to is small processing capacity. So the small sang washing machine is very economic and practical for users with low production.


Scope of application of small sand washing machine

Small sand washing machine can wash and separate the mud and impurities in sand materials. Its new sealing structure can adjust  overflow plate, and its reliable transmission device can ensure the effect of washing and dehydration. The small sand washing machine can be used in washing, grading and dehydration of construction site, sandstone factory, railway, glass factory, hydropowder stations and other units.


The operation of sand washing machine

Before staring the machine, the workers must check the lubricating point of sand washing machine to make sure whether there has enough grease. The connecting bolts must be fastened and the blades must be fastened.

After staring motor, it is necessary to wait until the running is normal, before dradually adding materials.

Stop feeding materials firstly before stopping running, and then stop the motor until all the materials in the tank are be finished.

The wearing of impeller shall be checked regularly to avoid unnecessary loss because of damaged impeller.

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