Sand washing plant process cost 100 tons


Before choosing a suitable sand washer, the buyer is usually concerned about the production cost of the machine. Then what is the cost of a series of sand washers to process 100t sand? In general, the cost of investment in sandstone factories in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of between.

For example, to process 100 tons of capacity per hour, there are the following machines: the hopper that can be weld on-site, the GZD850x3000 Vibrating feeder, the 2YA1548 vibrating screen, the LZ30-65 sand washer, the B500x10m + B500x12m belt conveyor. A total of about $40,000 would therefore be required.

Start up the equipment required for the sand washing plant

Generally, the production process of the sand washing line is hopper, feed, crushing, sand making, screening, sand washing, dehydration, fine sand recovery, finished sand products, each process is connected by conveyor belt.

Therefore, the production equipment required by the sand mill mainly includes vibration feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, dewatering screen, fine sand recovery machine and belt conveyor. Other ancillary equipment may also be used, such as dust collectors, stone washers, graders, packaging, and wastewater treatment facilities. However, due to different processing standards, raw materials of different sizes and hardness, specific equipment configurations may vary.

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