Silica sand production line equipment and process flow


Silica sand, also known as quartz sand, is formed by pulverizing silica minerals to make sand. Due to the mature processing technology adopted by the silica sand production line and the smooth process flow, the quality of the finished product is also high. There is a big market in the sand and gravel industry. Among them, the silica sand production line includes a silica sand production line and silica sand grinding production line. Here, taking the sand production line as an example, we will introduce the equipment and process flow of the silica sand production line.

Silica sand production line

1. How to reasonably configure the silica sand production line?

LZZG is mainly equipped with crushing equipment, feeding equipment, sand-making equipment, etc. for the equipment composition of the silica sand production line. The crushing equipment generally uses a jaw crusher for rough crushing, and a cone crusher or impact crusher for secondary crushing. The feeding equipment is generally a vibrating feeder. Sand-making equipment generally includes a silica sand making machine and can be equipped with a sand washing machine according to the actual needs of users. Finally, the entire production line can be installed and put into operation after being equipped with some auxiliary equipment such as conveyors and screening machines. The equipment configuration of the entire silica sand production line is reasonable, and the specific quantity and model need to be equipped according to the actual production capacity of the user.

Silica sand production line

2. Process flow of silica sand production line

1) Crushing: The large pieces of silicon ore are initially crushed by the jaw crusher, and then the produced coarse material is transported by the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for secondary crushing.

2) Sand-making by screening: the finely crushed silica enters the vibrating screen to screen out two kinds of stones, and the material that meets the feed size of the sand-making machine is made into machine-made sand, which is cleaned by the sand washing machine to make finished sand.

3) Re-crushing: The unqualified silica sand will continue to be crushed by the system until the finished material is produced, and the finished material needs to be dried by a dryer or dried naturally.

Silica sand production line

3. Advantages of silica sand production line

1) The production capacity is high, and the finished products produced by the silica sand production line per unit time are excellent and the output is high, which is beneficial to users for the next step of sales or deep processing.

2) The finished product of sand making is good, and the finished product has high gloss and grain grade, and the market demand is great.

3) Reasonable investment funds, the entire silica sand production line, and a short recovery period.

Silica sand production line

4. Silica sand equipment manufacturer

To invest in silica sand production line equipment, the choice of manufacturers is very important. This article recommends a large and professional mining machinery manufacturer-LZZG. LZZG can customize the production line for you according to your requirements, and recommend suitable sand production line equipment for you according to your investment. LZZG can carry out design, production plan configuration, equipment manufacturing, etc. for the silica sand production line. It can also provide installation and maintenance services to help investment income.

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