The best-selling products of our company is Multi-function Sand washer


The working principle of high efficiency mufti-function sand washer is that grading gravel material by sieving equipment, qualified products through the chute pipe come into the screw mixer, fully cleaned, soaked, broken in the screw mixer, especially for mud material excellent results; Tailing water discharged into the first separation device is concentrated and graded, to clean and dehydrate the tailing and coarse mines at the same time; Then the tailing water is discharged into the second separation device to concentrate and grade, the tailing and the coarse ore are discharges into the dewatering device at the same time again; The finished products are fully dehydrated by the high frequency vibrating motor, and then the finished products are piled up with piles for sale.

Luoyang longzhong heavy industry manufactures high efficient multifunctional sand washer that finished product rate is above 98%, and this is more effective than sand washing machine in the past, so since it was made, the product is welcome extremely by the market and becomes best-selling products.

high efficiency mufti-function sand washer


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