The principle to purchasing sand washing machine


Sand washing machine has widely applied to kaolin, mining, construction, transportation, chemical engineering, water conservancy and hydropower and coal washing etc, so more and more people choose to purchase the machine. So what principles should be followed in the procurement of fine sand recycling machines? Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd will give your some suggestions.


Firstly, buyer should consider the amount of investing about sand washing machine according to power and business cost of your company. If the machine is reliable quantity, high recycling rate and convenient operation system, the buyer shouldn’t take care of the value of machine so much.


Second, the common phenomenon is that there are many products in the net, but the high-quality product is very few and false information is more, foe example, some sellers sell the device, but then don’t have goods in stock actually. So Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd advise that buyers should consider seriously and make the decision.


Finally, due to the limitations of production technology and finance power, some equipments produced by small factories is poor in quantity and performance compared to the large manufacturers. It is difficult to get benefit from such equipment, and it is difficult to guarantee the after-sales servicesof such equipment.



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