The Structure of Sand Washing Machine


Sand washer is mainly used to remove impurities, dust and mud mixed in the sand and gravel to get clean sand.LZZG sand washing equipment is designed to improve sand quality to meet construction requirements. Nowadays, sand washers are widely used in sand making plants, construction, mines, ore, coal, transportation and concrete mixing plants, etc.

With the continuous development of the economy, all walks of life have been greatly developed. Among them, in the mining industry, the biggest embodiment is the continuous improvement of the sand washing machine, which is now widely used in sand processing plants. So why are sand washers so popular? What advantages does the sand washer have?

  1. High integration: All systems are integrated into a whole framework except the final sand-strip machine, which ensures the integrity of the equipment.
  2. The sand washer adopts the flat screen drum to ensure that the sand is screened continuously in the screen cylinder for several times. Therefore, when the sand rolls and slides repeatedly, it can be separated enough to achieve the cleaning effect.
  3. Working reliability: The core system adopts the mixing principle. The raw material rolls, pushes and rubs between continuous spiral blades in the mixing cylinder, and the movement are powerful and reliable.
  4. Simple installation foundation: Since the whole equipment is a box-shaped frame structure, it can only be installed on the flat ground. It is better to harden the ground for cleaning.
  5. Economical use: the screen adopts the method of interchangeable chip installation and connection, making it easy to replace.
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