The weakness of wet production line


According to larger and medium-sized stone factories, sand factories and artificial production line, 90% of them choose to use wet production line. The normal process is from hopper, feeding, crusher, sang washing equipment, screen equipment to final product. Wet production line adopt the way of using water to sand materials, so it can’t avoid losing final sand from sand washing machine, especially the sand of about 0.16-0.2mm and the loss rate up to 20%.

The situation will result in the below:


Losing sand about 0.2mm influence grading of sand and reasonable fineness modulus, which will reduce produce quality of sand.


Too more sand and sludge entering into setting pond resulted in depositing of setting pond. Not only does it pollute environment, but it is expensive to clean setting pond frequently.


In decrease the benefits of customers due to sand losing.


Luoyang LZZG introduced some weakness of wet production line there, which blocks development of enterprise, influences benefits and is bad for enterprise. We will give users some suggestions for these problems next. Please focus on us constantly.



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