How To Produce A Trommel Screen?


The trommel screen is widely used in the material sorting industry. It uses the rotating screen to classify the materials according to the size.Then how do you make a roller screen?Why do you make a roller screen?

How to produce a rotatry screen?

To successfully manufacture a drum screen, it is necessary to understand the structure and principle of the drum screen, manufacturers will be based on the structure and principle of the design parameters to the actual production drum screen.

Structural composition

The structure of the drum screen is relatively simple, it is composed of the cycloid needle reducer, coupling, bearing seat, fixed bracket and drum body with motor.

Working principle

The working principle of the roller screen is driven by the cycloid needle reducer to rotate the coupling. The other half of the coupling is connected with the main shaft of the roller, which also drives the roller to rotate together.


Design parameter

Usually the drum screen design should be the first to determine the main parameters in order to meet the screen in the specified materials to meet the design requirements.The main parameters generally refer to productivity, screening efficiency, screen hole size, material characteristics, drum screen speed.

Why to produce a trommel screen?

The drum screen is used to separate the raw materials by the rotation of the drum body of the drum screen.

Therefore, LZZG launched the GT series drum screen, it overcomes the circular vibrating screen and line screen in a sieve mesh jams problem during wet material and also has the advantages of long service life, stable operation, convenient maintenance, durable, one-time less investment.

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