What are the factors affecting the dewatering effect of dewatering sieve?


The factors that affect dewatering effect of dewatering sieve are usually related to screen plate and screen hole. In fact, there are some other circumstances, which also can affect the dewatering effect of dewatering sieve. So what are these factors?


dewatering sieve


1.Material characteristics

The porosity of material, water absorption characteristics, the degree of contamination by clay, the particle size composition and particle shape of material will determine, they all have an important influence on the extent to which material can be dehydrated.


2.Particle size composition

Fine materials have larger water content than coarse materials, because the surface water content is related to the surface area. The finer particle size, the larger surface area and the more water is adsorbed, so the higher the surface moisture content. Therefore, fine-grained materials are more difficult to dewater than coarse-grained materials.


3.Feed solid content

The basic purpose of dewatering sieveis to retain the solids to a large extent.

Therefore, it is desirable to maintain the solids content as much as possible in order to facilitate the formation of a solid particulate filter layer and to minimize the amount of solids discharged through the screen.


dewatering sieve



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