What are the main methods of sludge treatment


Now the sludge produced on construction sites must be treated before it can be discharged. So what is the main method of general sludge treatment? Next, LZZG will give you a specific introduction.

sludge treatment

Main methods of sludge treatment

1. Sludge thickening

Sludge thickening is mainly to remove interstitial water between sludge particles. The moisture content of the thickened sludge is 95%-98%, and the sludge can still maintain fluid characteristics.

2. Mechanical dewatering of sludge

The mechanical dewatering of sludge is mainly to remove the capillary water between the sludge particles. The moisture content of the sludge after mechanical dewatering is 65%-80%, which is in the shape of a mud cake. In the past, mechanical dehydration equipment mainly included belt filter press, plate, and frame filter press, and decanter sedimentation centrifuge. Nowadays, chamber filter press, diaphragm machine, and high-pressure plate and frame machine are commonly used.

sludge treatment

3. Sludge drying

Sludge drying is mainly to remove the adsorbed water and internal water between the sludge particles, and the dried sludge is in the form of granules or powder. Because natural drying occupies more land, is greatly affected by climatic conditions, and emits an odor, it is not often used in sewage treatment and sludge treatment. Mechanical drying mainly uses heat energy to further remove the water in the dewatered sludge, which is a heat transfer process between the sludge and the heat medium.

4. Stable sludge

Sludge stabilization refers to the removal of some organic substances in the sludge or the conversion of unstable organic substances in the sludge into more stable substances. Reduce the organic content of the sludge by more than 40% and no longer emit a peculiar smell. In this way, after a long period of stacking, the main components of the sludge will no longer change significantly. Sludge stabilization methods include anaerobic digestion, aerobic digestion, and composting.

sludge treatment

The above are the methods used more for sludge treatment. For sludge treatment equipment, LZZG recommends that you use sludge dewatering machines and filter presses, which can not only effectively treat sludge and wastewater, but also Improve economic and environmental benefits.

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