What equipment is needed for the production of machine-made sand


The popularity of the manufactured sand market has been high. If we want to improve the quality of machine-made sand, we need to choose good equipment. So which equipment is better for machine-made sand production?

the production of machine-made sand

Jaw crusher for front-end crushing

The jaw crusher has an excellent crushing force and crushing ratio and is the main component of the production line. In addition, the jaw crusher is better in terms of wear resistance, and the corresponding maintenance cost is low. At the same time, the range of materials processed by the jaw crusher is wide.

Cone crusher for fine crushing

The cone crusher is suitable for the processing of various medium-hard materials, especially for the commonly used sand-making raw materials such as cobblestone, granite, and basalt. The finished product of the cone crusher has a good grain shape and high wear resistance, which is the best choice for fine crushing.

the production of machine-made sand

Impact crusher for sand making machine

Although there are many types of sand-making equipment on the market, such as hammer crushing, roller crushing, and so on. But not as good as the impact of the impact. Although it may be questioned, the technology and finished product quality of impact crushers in the field of sand making are well-founded. The crushing principle of stone-on-stone and stone-on-iron used in impact crushing has high production efficiency, wear-resistant parts, and correspondingly low maintenance costs. Combining various characteristics, impact crushing can be used as the first choice for sand making.

Sand Washing Machine

The sand washing machine is mainly responsible for the end of the sand production line. It is mainly used to remove dirt and other impurities on the surface of machine-made sand. Through the sand washing process, the quality of the machine-made sand will be better, and the corresponding market value will be higher.

the production of machine-made sand

vibrating screen

A vibrating screen is a relatively common screening equipment, which can screen various stone materials and screen out finished products of different particle sizes. Generally, there are three-layer and four-layer screen meshes, which are mainly used in the sand-making production line to form a cyclic operation with the sand-making machine.

Feeder, Conveyor

These two are auxiliary equipment in the production line, but they are also indispensable. The feeder is generally used for the front end of the jaw crusher, and the conveyor is the connecting tool between the main equipment of the entire production line.

the production of machine-made sand

The combination of this main equipment is a sand production line. The specific model that is suitable for its needs to be configured according to various requirements such as production capacity, electricity consumption, and finished product granularity. There are two common sand-making configurations on the market.

If the requirements for finished particle shape are not high: feeder + jaw crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor

If the requirements for particle shape are higher: feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen + sand washing machine + conveyor.

With the cooperation of this main equipment, the sand-making production line can process high-quality machine-made sand. At the same time, the scientific model design and process arrangement can achieve high-efficiency operation.

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