What is the difference between a spiral sand washer and a wheel sand washer


There are many types of sand washing equipment. Which one is better than a spiral sand washer or a wheel sand washer? Here, according to the different needs of customers, the editor will briefly share my views with you in the following five aspects.

 spiral sand washer

1. Different from the sand washing principle

The working principle of the wheeled sand washer: After the motor of the wheeled sand washer is decelerated by a V-belt, reducer, and gear, it drives the impeller to rotate slowly, and the sand will enter the washing tank through the feed tank. As the impeller rotates, the sand and gravel rub against each other, and at the same time, the strong water current will hit the gravel, so that the covering on the surface of the gravel will be removed. Some impurities and foreign objects with a small specific gravity will also be taken away. After the cleaning is completed, the sand and gravel will be brought into the unloading trough with the rotation of the blades, and the sand washing work will be completed.

The working principle of the spiral sand washing machine: This kind of sand washing equipment has the functions of clearing, grading, and dewatering. The spiral sand washing machine needs to be arranged obliquely. The lower part of the water tank is surrounded by a three-sided weir to form a sedimentation tank. The screw head is immersed in the sedimentation tank. The motor drives the screw through the reducer to continuously rotate, and then sends the clean water into the sedimentation tank. The bottom of the perforated plate.

wheel sand washer

2. From the appearance structure analysis

The overall structure of the wheel-type sand washing machine is simple, with few wearing parts in the equipment, and small floor space after installation. To reduce the occurrence of damage to the bearings due to water, sand, and pollutants, this equipment is equipped with a structure in which the impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and water-receiving materials, which greatly reduces the failure rate. However, the spiral sand washing machine has a slender body and a horizontal structure, which is simple and clear, but the installation and arrangement are not as convenient as the wheel type.

 spiral sand washer

3. Analysis of sand loss and cleanliness

The wheel sand washing machine consumes less water in the sand washing process, and the loss of fine sand and stone powder is very small. The sand grade and fineness modulus of the washed construction sand can meet the standard requirements. The spiral sand washer will filter out some fine sand during the cleaning process, so the washed sand will be particularly clean.

wheel sand washer

4. Analyze from the cleaning ability

The cleaning ability of the spiral sand washing machine is better than that of the wheel sand washing machine, and it can effectively clean the sand with serious mud impurities. It is usually configured in a large-scale sand production line. The capacity of wheel-type sand washing equipment is usually below 80 tons, so it is suitable for small and medium-sized sand production line systems.

 spiral sand washer

5. Differentiating product prices

The price of the wheel sand washing machine is relatively low, it is a cost-effective sand washing machine, and its operating cost is also very low. Spiral sand washer has a higher price and is a high-end sand washer with large output.

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