What should be paid attention to when installing a coal slime dewatering screen?


With the continuous development of industrial science and technology in China, the output of coal slime increases obviously, but the comprehensive utilization of coal slime is still an urgent problem to be solved.

Coal slime dewatering screen is widely used in coal slime recovery, coarse filtration, recovery and other processes.So what should you pay attention to when installing a slime dehydrator?

Check before installation

1.Check whether the package is intact and whether it is affected by moisture, whether the motor is deformed or damaged and whether the parts are complete.

2.Check whether the fasteners are loose or fall off and whether the motor nameplate data meet the needs.

3.Use 500V megohm meter to check the insulation resistance of stator windings to ground shall not be less than 20 megohm. Otherwise, the stator windings shall be dried and the drying temperature shall be uniform and not exceed 120℃.

Matters need attention when installing

1.Check whether the lifting ring is tightened in place before lifting the slime dewatering screen.

2.The roughness of the contact surface between the vibration machine and the motor foot shall not be less than 6.

3.Anchor bolts shall be of class 8 strength and shall be secured with check nuts or spring washers to prevent loosening.

Coal slime dewatering screen is a special equipment for coal slime dewatering work. In addition to various excellent performances and functions of ordinary dewatering screen, it also has the characteristics of high screening efficiency, reliable quality, stable performance and long service life.

The installation of coal slime dewatering screen is not complicated, but it is still necessary to read the installation instructions carefully and check the equipment regularly to put it into use better.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.