What you must know about the use of filter press


There will be a series of problems during the use of the filter press, to facilitate customers to find the problems of the filter press in time. This article lists several problems with filter presses for your reference.

1. How much moisture content of the filter press mud cake can be considered qualified?

Answer: The filter press can realize the solid-liquid separation of sludge. Generally, the moisture content of the sludge before entering the filter press is above 90%. After the filter press is processed, the moisture content of the filter cake can reach 30%-60%, Can be transported directly. According to the different materials, before entering the filter press, add appropriate flocculants to the materials to condense the solid matter together, thereby speeding up the filtration speed and improving the filtration effect.

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2. How to start the filter press before maintenance?

Answer: Before filtering, start the hydraulic station first, and the oil cylinder pushes the compression plate to compress the filter plate. After the compression force reaches the rated value, the hydraulic station automatically stops and then starts the mud pump to deliver the material to the filter press. The mud enters the filter chamber composed of adjacent filter plates through the feed holes. Under the action of pressure, the solid particles are intercepted by the filter cloth in the filter chamber to form a filter cake with lower water content. The filtrate passes through the medium and is discharged from the filter plate. outside.

3. How long can the filter cloth last? Can you not change it?

Answer: The service life of the filter cloth is generally 3-6 months. To ensure the filtering effect and extend the service life of the filter cloth, if the filter cloth is not used for a long time, the filter cloth should be cleaned, dried, and placed in Store in a dry place, and try to avoid folding. In the case of the high frequency of use of the filter press, if the filter cloth is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time.

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4. What are the vulnerable parts of the plate and frame filter press equipment?

Answer: The filter cloth, faucet, and sealing ring are all common wearing parts, which can be replaced in time according to the usage.

5. How to clean the filter cloth?

Answer: Three methods: First, remove the filter cloth from the filter plate, soak it in water and use a brush to gently brush off the surface debris; second, use a high-pressure water gun to clean the filter cloth; third, use a filter press The special automatic cleaning device cleans the filter cloth.

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6. What should be paid attention to in the operation of the filter press?

(1) The newly purchased filter press can only start work after being debugged by professional and technical personnel.

(2) Check the filter cloth and filter plate before starting operation. The filter cloth should avoid folding and the filter plate is intact and flawless. It is forbidden to start the machine when the number of filter plates is less than the specified number.

(3) The filtration pressure must be within the specified range, and the material concentration must be uniform, to achieve a better filtration effect.

(4) After the work is completed, the feed pump must be turned off to relieve the pressure of the filter plate and unload the material by pulling the plate.

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7. What are the reasons for the uneven mud cake of the filter press?

(1) The installation position of the distributor is too high to adjust the position of the distributor.

(2) The distributor is partially clogged, resulting in the uneven spread of the cloth, and the clogging needs to be removed.

(3) The mud rake is severely worn locally, which greatly reduces the filtering effect of the local sludge. After entering the pressing area, it still shows strong fluidity, and the damaged mud rake needs to be replaced in time.

(4) The uneven wear of the reverse wiper plate is wavy, resulting in uneven mud thickness in this area, which needs to be replaced.

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