Analysis of 6 common faults in the production of sand making machine


There will be various problems in the use of the sand-making machine. The editor summarized some common causes of failure in the previous issue. This article then summarizes the reasons and solutions for the other 6 common failures of sand-making machines.

sand making machine

1. The main bearing is overheated and abnormal

The main bearing is an important part of the equipment. During installation, the bearing must be installed correctly. No impurities can enter the bearing. The amount of sand should not be too much or too little. The main bearing should be regularly lubricated and cleaned to avoid the main bearing from being used for a long time. Overheating or power failure due to heavy load during work.

sand making machine

2. The temperature of the upper and lower bearings of the sand making machine is too high

cause of issue

1) The motor has been overloaded for a long time.

2) The main bearing is damaged. The operator should pay attention to the sound of the bearing when it is running. If the sound changes, especially when the sound is low and muffled, it indicates that the bearing has deteriorated.

3) The bearing grease is lacking.

4) The grease drain groove is blocked, causing the pressure in the bearing box to increase, causing the grease to fail.


1) Appropriately reduce the motor load.

2) Replace damaged bearings.

3) Add grease.

4) Unblock the grease drain groove.

sand making machine

3. The vibration value of the sand making machine is too large

The upper limit of the set value of the vibration switch of the sand-making machine plays an extremely important role in protecting the equipment. When the vibration of the sand-making machine reaches a certain limit, the power supply of the motor can be cut off by the vibration switch to protect it.

cause of issue

1) The rotor is damaged by the ejector’s head or the rotor has uneven wear.

2) The material accumulation in the rotor is uneven.

3) Damping pad is damaged.

4) The rotor or pulley cone sleeve is loose.

5) The main bearing is damaged.

6) The bolts are loose.


1) Check the wear of the rotor and replace the corresponding throwing head.

2) Shut down to check the accumulation of material in the rotor, and adjust the feeding speed.

3) Replace the damping pad.

4) Tighten the belt pulley cone sleeve.

5) Replace the main bearing.

6) Tighten the loose bolts.

sand making machine

4. Reversing the belt of the sand making machine

1) It means that the belt of the sand-making machine is worn and the V-belt needs to be replaced.

2) For assembly problems, the pulley needs to be adjusted on the same plane.

3) Check the quality of the triangle belt itself.

sand making machine

5. Abnormal ammeter

1) Excessive current

The cause of the failure: the feed rate is too large, the crushing cavity or the machine base has too much material, the discharge hopper is blocked, and there is a mechanical or electrical failure.

Solution: Appropriately reduce the amount of feed, clear the blockage, and find specific electrical problems.

2) The current is too small

The cause of the failure: the feed rate is too small, the drive belt is slipping or there is an electrical failure.

Solution: appropriately increase the feed rate, replace the drive belt, and find specific electrical problems.

sand making machine

6. Abnormal wear and tear

1) The uneven wear (upward or downward) of the wear plate of the tip of the throwing head in the rotor is mostly caused by the unreasonable angle of the material plate; sometimes it is caused by too much material accumulation.

The amount and characteristics of the material accumulation in the rotor have a great relationship with the service life of the ejector’s head. Try to make the accumulated material spread from the rotor guide plate to the embedding head of the ejector’s head. This requires multiple tests.

2) The abnormal wear of the feeding barrel and the feeding sleeve is mostly caused by improper installation or sandwiched stones.

Through the two-phase summary, I believe that users have a general understanding of the common problems in the use of sand-making machines. If you encounter other problems while using the sand-making machine, you can contact us at any time. We will give you a satisfactory solution.

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