Causes and solutions of common failures of dewatering screens


Dewatering screens are commonly used equipment in the mining industry. The dewatering screens are generally composed of thickeners, cyclones, and other components. The effect of processing materials is also very good, but sometimes processing a large number of materials will inevitably lead to poor dehydration effect or screen clogging. This situation will often reduce the processing capacity of the dehydration screen, affect the dehydration progress, and give customers Cause losses, the Longzhong dewatering screen manufacturer will analyze the common failures of the dewatering screen for you.

 dewatering screens

1. Poor dehydration effect

Reason: improper operation. The mesh is blocked, the fine particles in the sieve material increase, and the moisture increases, so that the material layer on the sieve is too thick. Unequal feeding.

Solution: Tighten both sides of the screen. After the mechanical problems have been dealt with, a period of reverse rotation can be used to improve the screening quality.

 dewatering screens

2. Cannot start or the amplitude is too small

Reasons and solutions: check whether there is no obstacle to the electricity, whether the motor is damaged, and whether the voltage is insufficient. If there is no problem, you can check it mechanically to see if there is too much material on the vibrating dewatering screen. If yes, remove it. Clean and repair the exciter, and then appropriately adjust the position of the eccentric shaft weighting block or the auxiliary eccentric block.

 dewatering screens

3. Abnormal flow of materials on the screen surface

Reason: The screen box is not rigid enough, there is a critical frequency, and the connecting bolts have been vibrated loose, even to the extent of vibrating loose, that is, tightened. The horizontal level of the screen box is not accurate. Look for the fault from the support seat of the support foot spring or the spring itself, change the spring or change the size of the support, and it may be caused by the damage of the screen surface. You only need to change the screen. If the rigidity of the screen box has been insufficient and the horizontal level is not accurate, the beam will break, and the material will flow abnormally if it is still running.

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