Common faults and maintenance measures of the motor of sand washing machine


The stonewashed by the spiral stone washing machine in the sand washing equipment is relatively clean and has the advantages of large output, low operating noise, and more convenient maintenance. But what should I do if the parts of the sand washer are broken during use? How to maintain the motor failure of the sand washing machine? The following article will give you a detailed introduction.

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Some customers who do not understand will choose to find a part to replace or replace. In fact, it is not. When we buy, we must buy the parts and components that are matched with the equipment manufacturer. General substitutes will affect the performance and sand output of the previous equipment. Therefore, every accessory is very important. From a screw to a roller, we need to choose carefully. If the small screw is too large or too small, All of them may malfunction during operation, affecting the operation of the entire sand washing equipment, and even accidents may cause personnel safety issues.

sand washing machine

Careful consideration must be given to the selection of small parts of the sand washer. The quality of the equipment is related to the output of sand. The motor is an important component that drives the sand washing equipment, so the durability of the motor determines the sand output and quality. Our after-sales maintenance department combines the actual field problems of the case to answer the common faults and maintenance measures of the motor of the sand washing machine.

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1. Excessive wear of the bearing or poor assembly will cause the stator and rotor to rub together, damage the surface of the iron core, and cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheets, increasing the iron loss of the motor, and increasing the temperature of the motor. At this time, use fine files and other tools to remove the burrs, eliminate the short circuit of the silicon steel sheet, clean it up, apply insulating paint, and heat and dry it.

2. Excessive force is used when removing the old winding, which makes the stolen slot skew and opens outwards. At this time, use needle-nose pliers, wooden hammers, and other tools to trim, reset the tooth slot, and add hard insulating materials such as green shell paper, bakelite board, etc. between the silicon steel sheets with gaps that are not easy to reset.

3. The surface of the iron core is corroded due to moisture and other reasons. At this time, it needs to be polished with sandpaper and then coated with insulating varnish after cleaning.

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4. The surrounding group grounding produces high heat and burns the iron core or the teeth. Use tools such as a chisel or scraper to remove the fused deposits and apply insulating paint to dry.

5. The combination between the iron core and the base is loose, and the original positioning screws can be tightened. If the positioning screw fails, re-drill the positioning hole on the machine base and tap it, and tighten the positioning screw.

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