Factors Affecting The Price Of High-frequency Dewatering Screen


A high-frequency dewatering screen is a screening machine with a unique design, large processing capacity, and sufficient dewatering. It has a strong production capacity and is widely used in filtration and dehydration equipment industries such as dry tailings, concentrate dehydration, smelting slurry concentration, chip removal, and carbon slurry separation. This machine is particularly suitable for processing fine-grained minerals. It can also be used as a fine sand recovery machine in combination with a cyclone. It has higher dehydration efficiency and more sufficient dehydration. It can be widely used for dry tailings and concentrate dehydration.

High-frequency Dewatering Screen

1. Plates and Accessories

The production of mine dewatering screens needs to strictly comply with food-grade hygiene requirements, so mine dewatering screen manufacturers need to pay attention to equipment material and sealing performance in the design and production. The material used needs to be 304 stainless steel.

High-frequency Dewatering Screen

2. Manufacturer’s Supply

There are many middlemen on the market now. Everyone knows that middlemen need to have profit margins, so the price of equipment at the sales office will be high. Heavy factory owners have always adhered to the principle of no middleman, realizing the direct connection between manufacturers and customers, so that customers can get real equipment prices.

High-frequency Dewatering Screen

3. Equipment Model

The price of different types of screening equipment is also different. Due to the different production technology and output requirements of users, the manufacturer will design different sizes and appearances of mine dewatering screens according to the user’s production requirements. So the price needs to be determined according to the actual situation.

The quality of the high-frequency dewatering screen is directly related to its price. High-quality equipment has strong performance and strong stability. In production, it can bring higher benefits to users. Because manufacturers of high-quality equipment have a higher total investment, the price is higher. The price is relatively low for products of average quality.

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