How many wheel sand washers should a sand washing plant have


An important part of the sand production line is sand washing, so a machine is needed in the sand washing process. It is called a sand washing machine, and there are many types of sand washing machines with different functions and different effects. What we mainly introduce today is the wheel sand washing machine. The wheel sand washing machine is a relatively high-quality sand washing machine product. It is mainly used to clean sand and gravel. It has high cleanliness and a large processing capacity, so it is welcomed by people.

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Advantages of Wheel Sand Washer

1. Cleaning effect

The cleaning effect is one of the main advantages of the wheeled sand washing machine. Generally, the raw materials of machined sand will carry soil and other composite impurities during the mining process. After sand making, the sand should be washed. The sand grains on it will condense together, which will affect normal use.

The cleaning of sand and gravel by the wheel sand washing machine is to remove the dirt and other impurities wrapped on the sand. After being cleaned by a wheeled sand washer, the water vapor layer on the surface of the sand grains can be destroyed, so that the water can be removed as quickly as possible to achieve the cleaning effect required by the construction.

2. High efficiency and energy saving

High efficiency and energy-saving are also some of the advantages of wheeled sand washing machines. Using wheeled sand washing machines to wash sand greatly saves manpower and improves sand washing efficiency. In addition, the sewage from washing the stone can be recycled, and it can fully meet the national standards and can be used in other places to save water.

3. Improve resource utilization

The wheeled sand washing machine also has certain advantages in terms of resource utilization. The wheeled sand washing machine makes full use of the abandoned pebbles and limestone resources by the river, which can increase the amount of sand washing and reduce the cost of sand making, and fully protect the natural sand and gravel resources. For environmental protection, there is no problem.

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How many wheel sand washers should a sand washing plant have?

1. The production requirements of the sand washing production line are the first and foremost. If the sand washing plant requires an output of more than 800 tons per hour, if only a one-wheeled sand washing machine is configured, it will not meet the requirements at all. Therefore, at least two-wheeled sand washing machines are required. The sand washing machine can meet the output requirements.

2. The effect will be better after repeated cleaning. When the customer requires high cleaning of sand and gravel, two or more wheeled sand washers are equipped to clean the sand and gravel multiple times, so that the construction requirements can be met.

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The above two situations are only rough estimates. The specific sand washing plant needs how many wheel sand washing machines or should be determined according to the output and customer requirements. Different types of wheeled sand washing machines have different working efficiencies, so I just give you a suggestion, how to choose it is up to you!

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