How To Choose A Suitable Dewatering Sieve?


Dewatering screen has advantages of high efficiency, small vibration amplitude, long life and convenient installation, but how to choose and buy a suitable dewatering sieve?What should be considered?You can start with the following points:

1.Natural characteristics

The properties of materials mainly include particle size, humidity and special properties (such as high temperature, corrosion) and so on.Different materials properties are suitable for different dehydration screens, some are better at solid screening, some are better at liquid screening.If the material has special properties, then the material required for the dewatering screen should be different.

2.Screening purposes

The purpose of screening mainly depends on whether you want classification of materials, removal of impurities, or other screening, according to the difference between fine screening and rough screening to choose the appropriate dewatering screen.A dehydration sieve such as a straight line sieve is optional for rough screening.For fine screening, you can choose rotary dehydration screen or ultrasonic dehydration screen.

3.Requirements for handling capacity

Choose different types of dewatering screen according to the handling capacity.

4.Requirements for screening yield

Screening yield is to achieve the final purpose of material screening, so it depends on what you are required to achieve the output to choose.

5.Production environment

Check the production environment for any special features such as if it is damp, dry or if there is a requirement of explosion-proof, which concerns the choice of dehydrate sifter.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.