Problems and Solutions of Fine Sand Recycling Machine


The R&D and after-sales personnel of LZZG conducted a summary of relevant experience on the fine sand recovery equipment and the fine sand recovery production line through the investigation of new users’ equipment awareness. In addition to the price of the fine sand recovery machine, everyone is more concerned about the recovery rate and effect of sand washing, because this directly affects the profit of the enterprise. The following is a summary of the problems that occurred during the use of the fine sand recovery machine for your reference.

fine sand recovery equipment

1. The recovery rate of the fine sand recovery machine is affected

Cause of failure: First consider the recycling density, which is too large or too small. Secondly, consider the particle size of the material. When the size of the ore is coarser and the structure is loose and brittle, it is easier to grind. However, it is more difficult to recover when the minerals have finer grain size, finer structure, and greater hardness.

Treatment method: It is required to feed the ore evenly and stably, and the increase in the feed quantity will affect the improvement of the fine sand recovery rate. Strictly follow the machine model and configure a fine sand recovery machine suitable for your boring. Choose regular manufacturers with professional engineers to purchase the machine.

2. The shaft power of the sand suction pump is too large

Cause of failure: The packing gland is too tight and the packing is heated. There is friction and bearing damage in the pump. The driving device belt is too tight, the pump flow is too large, the speed is too high, the specific gravity is too high, the motor shaft and the pump shaft are not aligned or parallel.

Treatment method: loosen packing gland bolts, eliminate friction, replace bearings, adjust belt and speed, adjust motor shaft and sand suction pump shaft.

fine sand recovery equipment

3. The sand suction pump does not supply water

Cause of the failure: the suction pipe or the filling part is leaking and the steering is wrong or the impeller is damaged and the suction pipe is blocked.

Treatment method: Block the leaking part. Check the steering and replace it with a new impeller. Remove the blockage.

4. Short bearing life of the sand suction pump

Cause of the fault: the motor shaft and the pump shaft are misaligned or not parallel, the shaft is bent, there is friction in the pump or the impeller is out of balance, foreign matter in the bearing, or the amount of lubricating oil is improper, and the bearing assembly is unreasonable.

Treatment method: adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft. Change the oil to eliminate friction, replace the impeller, clean the bearing, replace the bearing, or reassemble the bearing.

fine sand recovery equipment

5. The sand suction pump is vibrating and noisy

Cause of the failure: the bearing is damaged, the impeller is unbalanced, the suction pipe is unbalanced, the flow is uneven, and the pump is evacuated.

Treatment method: replace the new bearing with a new impeller. Eliminate air intake, clean up blockages and improve pump feeding conditions.

6. The recycling machine will not be dehydrated when it is discharged

Cause of the failure: the material speed is too fast.

Treatment method: reduce the vibration force and lengthen the dehydration time of the material.

fine sand recovery equipment

7. The fine sand recycling machine does not discharge

Cause of the failure: the vibration force is too small and the pushing force is insufficient.

Treatment method: appropriately increase the shock force.

fine sand recovery equipment

No matter what kind of machine, after the accumulation of high-intensity operation, it will produce some appropriate wear, especially for accessories, to avoid the occurrence of the above problems, we specialize in the solutions encountered in the after-sales maintenance process for our old customers. Collect it together, I hope it can help you.

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