Sand washing equipment failure solution


The sand washing machine is an important piece of equipment in the sand washing plant, although the structure is simple. But in long-term production, there will always be some glitches. Perhaps the design of the equipment itself is flawed, or the sand washing machine may fail due to improper operation. This article summarizes the solutions to the failure of the sand washing machine, and I hope it will be useful to everyone.

Sand washing equipment

1. Equipment startup failure

Failure analysis: There are 4 reasons why the sand washing machine cannot start normally, the belt slips, the reducer fails, the motor is damaged, and the voltage is insufficient.

Treatment methods: 1) Change the voltage supply; 2) Tension the belt; 3) Overhaul the reducer; 4) Replace the motor to run.

2. The sound is abnormal when the device is running

Failure analysis: If the abnormal noise of the sand washing machine is obviously heard during a production, it must be a failure. Generally, it may be the bearing damage, the failure of the reducer, and the wheel bucket body rubbing the shell.

Treatment methods: 1) Replace the bearing; 2) Overhaul the reducer; 3) Overhaul and adjust the bucket body.

Sand washing equipment

3. The bearing temperature is too high

Failure analysis: 1) The grease is dirty; 2) The amount of grease is improper; 3) The bearing is damaged.

Treatment methods: 1) Replace the grease; 2) The amount of grease must be moderate, not too much or too little; 3) Replace the bearing.

4. Flower turning phenomenon occurs when washing sand

Failure analysis: 1) The rotating speed of the spiral sand washer is too high; 2) The horizontal axis of the spinal disc is not fixed properly.

Treatment methods: 1) Adjust the speed; 2) If the speed is adjusted in place, and there is still a phenomenon of turning over, the horizontal axis should be fixed.

Sand washing equipment

5. Frame vibration

Failure analysis: 1) The bolts of the coupling frame are loose; 2) The bolts of the bearing seat are loose.

Treatment method: 1) Tighten the bolts; 2) Check and tighten the bolts.

6. The transmission part is noisy

Failure analysis: 1) Insufficient gear lubrication; 2) Change in gear spacing.

Treatment method: 1) Add enough grease; 2) Adjust the anchor bolts of the reducer and tighten them.

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