Sand Washing Water Need To Be Recycled


Why is Sand Washing Water Need Recycled?

Features of Sand Washing Water
  1. High SS(Suspended Solid) value content of waste water. It is about 60,000~80,000 mg/L.
  2. High water consumption. Every production of 1 t sand stone needs to consume 1.5 square meters of water, sand stone needs water more than 900 million square meters per year.
  3. Solid waste. It can’t be handled properly.
Hazard of Sand Washing Water

Sand washing water has a lot of sediment and high viscosity, which is directly discharged into the nearby river without treatment. It will cause water pollution and disturb the water ecological balance around the river. A large number of aquatic creatures can’t survive due to the degradation of water quality. It will also aggravate the coastline collapse and post a great threat to human lives.

How To Recycle Sand Washing Water?

The mainly process is washing sand,processing sewage,filtering then will get mud cake and filtered water and then wash sand further.

Sand washer clean the sand and roughly separate water from sand. The dense tank will separate the turbid water and clean water according to different density. The filter press will carry out a series of treatment and the water will be filtered again and used in the next step of further washing.

The LZZG sand washing and recovery machine realizes the washing, dewatering and recovery of materials. And the settling tank realizes the purification of tail water, and the filter press realizes the dry heap treatment of wastes.

Products involved


                 filter press                                            sedimentation tank                                 sand washer
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