The easiest way to clean river sand in Africa


After the river sand is mined, it is mixed with impurities such as soil and particles. At this time, we need sand washing equipment (sand washing machine) to achieve simple cleaning. Is there a simpler and more practical way to clean river sand in Africa? It is understood that the use of a wheel sand washing machine works well! The detailed introduction of this river sand washing machine equipment is as follows.

sand washing in Africa

Wheel sand washing machine for sand washing in Africa

What is the easiest way to wash river sand? Considering the two commonly used sand washing equipment in the market: spiral sand washing machine and wheeled sand washing machine, the use of wheeled sand washing machine for sand washing has more advantages and is more in line with the proposed goal of washing river sand.

1. Simple to use: The wheel-bucket sand washer has a simple overall structure, and a small footprint, and is easy to install and easy to operate. The reliable design of the transmission parts can effectively reduce the failure rate, even in harsh environments. It can also maintain high operating efficiency under environmental conditions.

2. The operation is simple: the river sand is transferred into the cleaning tank, and the impeller is driven by the motor and the reducer to rotate continuously to perform stirring and washing operations, to separate the impurities from the river sand, and then use water to remove the impurities Rinse away and finish cleaning.

3. The effect is direct: the river sand washed by the wheel-bucket sand washing machine has almost no impurities, which is in line with the standard of construction sand.

sand washing in Africa

Working Principle

The power device drives the impeller to rotate slowly after deceleration through the V-belt, reducer, and gear. The sand and gravel enter the washing tank from the feeding trough, rollover under the driving of the impeller, and grind each other to remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand and gravel, and at the same time destroy the bag. The water vapor layer covered with sand grains is conducive to dehydration; at the same time, water is added to form a strong water flow, which can take away impurities and foreign objects with a small specific gravity in time, and discharge them from the overflow washing tank to complete the cleaning process.

sand washing in Africa

Wheel bucket sand washing machine price in Africa

The price of investing in a wheel sand washing machine is about 20,000 to 300,000 in Africa. The prices given by different sand washing equipment manufacturers are slightly different. The reason is still due to the workmanship, material selection, equipment model, sales method, etc., as well as purchases in different periods. , will also cause differences in transaction prices.

Some of the direct-selling sand washing equipment manufacturers offer relatively affordable prices with guaranteed quality, but some manufacturers have limited technology and may cut corners in terms of materials. The price will be cheaper, but the quality cannot be guaranteed. , all of which will cause the difference in the price of the sand washing machine in Africa. It is suggested that customers and friends must keep their eyes open when choosing equipment, and not be blinded by low prices.

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