The difference between vibrating sieve machine and dewatering sieve machine


The working principle and structure of the dewatering sieve machine and vibrating sieve machine are similar, but there are also differences. The dewatering effect of the dewatering screen is remarkable, and many customers are not clear about the difference between a vibrating screen and a dewatering screen. Today, this article will introduce the difference between the two in detail.

vibrating sieve machine


1. Different principles

The vibrating sieve machine works by using the reciprocating vibration generated by the vibrator. The upper rotating weight of the vibrator causes the screen surface to produce plane whirling vibration, while the lower rotating weight causes the screen surface to produce conical rotary vibration. The combined effect causes the screen surface to produce multi-rotating vibrations.

The dewatering sieve machine adopts dual-motor self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block, and adjustable amplitude vibrator. It is mainly composed of a screen box, vibration exciter, support system, and motor. Two unconnected vibrators are respectively driven through the belt coupling for synchronous and reverse rotation. The centrifugal force produced by the two groups of eccentric masses is superimposed on the components of the vibration direction, and the reverse centrifugal force cancels out, thereby forming a single excited vibration along the vibration direction. Make the screen box make a reciprocating linear motion.

dewatering sieve machine

2. Different materials

The vibrating sieve machine is to classify and screen materials with different particle sizes, including dry screen and wet screen. The proportion of the material on the screen and the material under the screen depends on the material itself.

The dewatering sieve machine is to dry the materials in the cement slurry to realize the separation of slag and water and achieve the purpose of dry pile or transportation. Generally, the more on-screen material that is required to be discharged dry, the better.

3. Different advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of a vibrating sieve machine are lightweight, high efficiency, complete and diverse series, and multiple levels, which can meet the needs for dry material screening. This model is not suitable for materials with high moisture and adhesion.

The advantages and disadvantages of the dewatering screen can be customized according to the output and water content, and the sieve hole can be adjusted according to the needs. The dewatering effect is good, the equipment noise is low, and it is for products with low mud content. The product has a large volume.

vibrating sieve machine

4. Different scope of application

Dewatering sieve machines are generally used in conjunction with sand washing machines and are often used in wet sand production lines. To solve the problem of the powder content of the machine-made sand, a sand washer is equipped in the machine-made sand production line, and the mud powder in the sand is removed by the washing machine. However, the general material has a large water content after being cleaned by the sand washing machine. At this time, it is necessary to dehydrate and desludging through a dewatering screen to reduce the mud content to less than 0.7%, to meet the standard of construction sand.

The scope of application of vibrating sieve machines is very wide, and almost all aspects of life need to use various types of vibrating screens in processing and manufacturing. Vibrating screens are generally used in conjunction with feeders and crushers. They are often used in dry sand production lines. In the machine-made sand production process, the process of washing out the mud powder in the sand does not require water. The vibrating screen generally processes dry materials, and the screening treatment effect of materials with high moisture and high viscosity is not ideal.

dewatering sieve machine

The dewatering sieve machine is suitable for the dewatering of materials with high moisture content. The vibrating screen has high vibration intensity and an obvious screening effect, but the dehydration effect is relatively weak, and it is more suitable for screening and grading materials with low water content. Both types of equipment have their strengths, and users can choose according to the actual conditions of their materials and the functions they want to achieve.

The above is all about the difference between a vibrating sieve machine and a dewatering sieve machine. If you want to know more about sand washing equipment, you can visit the website of Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Industry or call for a consultation at any time.

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