attrition scrubber

Attrition Scrubber:

Attrition scrubbing is a method used namely in the mineral processing and water treatment industries of effectively remove minerals and surface contaminants through the action of scrubbing.The key advantage of attrition scrubber is the maximum effect of a “cleaned” result with a minimal consequence on the wear or tear on equipment.

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This attrition scrubber is a mechanical equipment designed and manufactured by our company based on scientific research institutes and production practices. It is used to scrub ore slurry with a concentration of 65% to 70%, and it can effectively remove dirt and other impurities on the surface of sand.At the same time, the scientific and reasonable design of the barrel and impeller of the scrubber makes the scrubbing strength of the material increase during scrubbing, and the interior is protected with abrasion-resistant materials, which prolongs the service life of the equipment.

Choose an attrition scrubber offering enhanced design features, including barrel designs,  blades and impeller options, as well as low power consumption to ensure the initial investment of cost for a longer service life equals to shorter payments of operating or maintenance costs.


Working Principle

The material enters the scrubbing machine through the feeding pipe, and the motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the pulley (clockwise from the top to the bottom), so that the blade generates a negative pressure zone. Under the strong stirring action of the impeller, the slurry produces severe turbulence.

The ore particles have huge kinetic energy in them, and produce severe friction and collision. The impurity film wrapped on the surface of the ore particles is easy to peel off from the mineral surface after friction and impact due to insufficient strength.

The cement on the surface of the mineral is soaked in water and then passes through the strong friction and collision between the ore particles, which will loosen and disintegrate, so as to achieve the separation of clay and ore particles.These impurities and clay are disintegrated and exfoliated into the slurry, and the slurry can be separated by subsequent desliming.

In the actual production process, different agents should be added according to the actual situation of the mineral.


  • 1. Low power consumption, large scrubbing intensity and good effect.
  • 2. The impeller is located above the “slurry sedimentation zone”, which is easy to start and has a small starting power, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
  • 3. Simple structure, large effective volume and small floor space.
  • 4. Low circumferential speed and long service life.
  • 5. The relative positions of the ore feeding, ore discharge and motor of the double tank attrition scrubber can be made into different positions according to the requirements of users.
  • 6. Tank lining and impeller are made of wear-resistant material, which has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Attrition Scrubber Specifications:

Model Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Box Size (m³) Impeller Diameter (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
CX1-1 ≤10 10-30 1 480 15 1180*1150*2060
CX1-2 ≤10 10-30 1*2 480*2 30 2280*1150*2060
CX2-1 ≤10 20-50 2 520 30 1600*1600*2780
CX2-2 ≤10 20-50 2*2 520*2 60 3080*1600*2780
CX4-1 ≤10 40-80 4 770 55 1900*1760*3470
CX4-2 ≤10 40-80 4*2 770*2 110 3720*1760*3470

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