Spiral Sand Washing Plant:

Spiral sand washing plant is a multi-functional sand washing equipment that integrates sand washing, dewatering and recycling, which is designed and developed by our company for sand, stone powder, and other materials with high mud content in sand and gravel washing industry.

The reasonable structure of dewatering screen combined with sand screw washer to form an overall structure, which can reach more than 300 tons per hour.

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Spiral Sand Washing Plant is a high efficient and multi-functional water washing equipment, which is composed of a spiral sand washing machine and a dewatering screen and hydrocyclones. Compared to the purchase price of equipment alone, the choice of spiral sand washing machine is undoubtedly more cost-effective.
The spiral sand washing plant consists of spiral sand washing device, overflow device, water reverse device, separation and recovery device, water storage tank, slurry pump, elrctro motor, reducer and so on.

Working Principle

When the spiral sand washing plant is working, the crushing and grading materials are first passed through the conveyor belt to the double spiral sand washing device. After the grading and cleaning, the qualified material is dehydrated into the dewatering device, and the remaining waste water that after cleaning by the spiral sand washing device (containing a part of qualified material) is passed through the overflow device and get into the water reservoir device, then the waste water is pumped into the separation recovery device by slurry pump, material is concentrated under the action of centrifugal force, and the concentrated material get into the dehydrating device for dewatering.


  • 1. Compact structure, space saving.
  • 2. The production range is large and can be customized.
  • 3. High efficiency, more economical and practical.

Spiral Sand Washing Plant Specifications:

Model Spiral diameter (mm) Screen size (mm) Cyclone Production (t/h) Total power
Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
LX09-65-1530J 920 1500*3000 FX300*2 50-80 47 8480 11490*5560*3960
LX09-75-1836D 920 1800*3600 FX350*2 60-100 56 10140 11920*5560*4080
2LX09-100-2442J 920 2400*4200 FX250*4 150-180 81 16950 12630*6450*3860
2LX09-100-2448J 920 2400*4200 FX250*4 150-180 81 17250 14660*6450*4150
LX11-75-1836D 1120 1800*3600 FX350*2 100-150 63.5 11440 12230*5860*4250
LX11-75-1836J 1120 1800*3600 FX350*2 100-150 70.5 11750 12230*5860*4250
LX11-75-1842D 1120 1800*4200 FX350*2 100-150 63.5 12300 12830*5860*4250
LX11-100-1842J 1120 1800*4200 FX250*4 100-150 77.5 12550 12830*5860*4250
LX11-100-1848J 1120 1800*4800 FX250*4 100-150 77.5 12550 12830*5860*4250
2LX11-120-3048J 1120 3000*4800 FX300*4 200-250 120 27520 13560*7860*4300

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