How to choose sand making raw materials in Africa

There are many raw materials for the production of machine-made sand, and a variety of rocks can be used as machine-made sand after crushing and processing. Regarding the equipment configuration of the machine-made sand production line, how can it be configured to save more money while maintaining output and quality in Africa?

sand making raw materials

1. What are the raw materials of machine-made sand in Africa?

There are many raw materials for machine-made sand, such as river pebbles, limestone, basalt, granite, sandstone, and other hard and unweathered rocks that can be used for machine-made sand processing. These stones can be processed into different sizes of sand after being sanded. At present, the level of sand-making technology is very mature, and solid wastes such as construction waste, tailings, and coal gangue can also be used as raw materials for sand making.


2. Which machine-made sand production equipment is more economical in Africa?

The machine-made sand production line has a variety of configurations, and suitable solutions can be prepared according to the production needs of different users. So how to choose a more economical configuration? First of all, it is absolutely necessary to configure high-quality and cheap sand and gravel equipment. After all, the reasonable configuration of the machine-made sand production line can lay a solid foundation for the production of machine-made sand, which is conducive to improving the output and quality of the finished sand.

In the sand and gravel industry, there are many manufacturers with low quality and no guarantee of production. These manufacturers will offer very low prices. Users are easily deceived by low prices and choose sand-making equipment by mistake. If the after-sales service is not perfect, it will give Users bring a huge loss of profits.

sand making raw materials

In addition, the configuration of the sand production line needs to be designed by professional technicians. Many small manufacturers do not have this ability. If the configured production line is not suitable, the production results will not meet the expected requirements, which will seriously damage the interests.

To sum up, to reduce the investment in machine-made sand production equipment in Africa, it is very important to choose a reasonable equipment manufacturer. Users should choose a strong and large-scale manufacturer, which can not only provide high-quality production equipment and reasonable production line planning but also Post-production can also provide a complete after-sales guarantee.

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