Introduction of 4 different sand washing machines


This article introduces 4 different sand washing machines, namely spiral sand washing machine, wheel bucket sand washing machine, drum sand washing machine, and vibration sand washing machine. A sand washing machine is washing equipment for sand and gravel (artificial sand, natural sand). Impurities on the surface of the stone, and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer that wraps the sand grains to achieve dehydration, thereby effectively cleaning the sand.

Spiral Sand Washer

Spiral Sand Washer

Spiral sand washer is divided into two types: single-screw sand washer and double-screw sand washer, which are mainly used for washing, grading, impurity removal, fine-grained and coarse-grained material washing in highway, hydropower, construction, and other industries. . It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high cleaning degree, good sealing structure, fully enclosed transmission device, and adjustable weir plate, which ensure the equipment is efficient, durable, good cleaning and dehydration effect, and stable for fine-grained products.

The spiral sand washing machine has a strong cleaning ability and can effectively clean the sand and gravel with serious mud impurities. It is often configured in large-scale sand production lines.


1. Simple structure and stable operation.

2. The bearing is separated from water and materials to avoid premature damage caused by pollution and rust of the machine.

3. Suitable for a variety of working environments.

4. Less loss of washed materials and the high selection and washing efficiency, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.

5. The service life is relatively long, and there are almost no wearing parts.

6. Maintenance is rarely required, so the cost can be greatly reduced.

Wheel bucket sand washing machine

Wheel bucket sand washing machine

A wheel sand washing machine is washing equipment for artificial sand (including natural sand). Wheeled sand washing machines are widely used in the washing of materials in sand and gravel fields, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing plants, and other industries. The sand washing machine (sand washing machine) is a water-washing sand washing equipment used with the sand-making machine. The wheel-type sand washing machine (sand washing machine) can wash the mixed sand produced by the sand-making machine to remove trace amounts of stone powder and impurities, thereby improving the quality of the sand. Wheel sand washing machine is mainly used for washing, grading, and dehydration of construction sites, sand and gravel plants, concrete dam sites of hydropower stations, post and telecommunications pole plants, foundry sand, and quartz sand in glass factories, and sand for oil well backfilling.

The production capacity of wheel sand washing machine equipment is generally less than 80 tons, so it is suitable for sand production line systems with small and medium production capacity.


1. The wheel-bucket sand washing machine has a simple structure, and the impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and water-receiving materials, which greatly avoids the occurrence of damage to the bearing due to water immersion, sand, and pollutants, and greatly reduces the accident rate.

2. There is very little loss of fine sand and stone powder, and the gradation and fineness modulus of the washed construction sand meet the standard requirements. The wheel bucket sand washing machine has almost no wearing parts except the screen, has a long service life, and does not need maintenance for a long time.

3. The sand and gravel washing machine is easy to maintain and has a large processing capacity, low power consumption, and high cleaning degree. Novel sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath transmission device, and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure that this series of products are efficient and durable, with good cleaning and dehydration effects, and fine-grained products remain undisturbed.

Drum washing machine

Drum washing machine

The drum sand washing machine makes the stones collide, rub and roll with each other in the drum with the rotation of the drum, and spray with a high-pressure water gun, so the water demand is large, but the output is large.

Compared with the spiral sand washer, the drum sand washer has the advantages of large output, low operating noise, and more convenient maintenance. It is used for desliming and screening operations of a large number of sand and gravel used in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, prefabrication plants, and hydropower construction sites, and can also be used for ore sorting operations.


1. High integrity: Except for the finished material stacking belt conveyor, all systems are integrated into an overall frame, which not only ensures the integrity of the equipment but also leaves a moderate space for maintenance and inspection. High integrity is convenient for storage on a construction site or transit transportation, convenient and safe?.

2. Working reliability: The core stone washing system adopts the stirring principle of the mixer. The raw materials are tumbled, pushed, and rubbed by the continuous spiral blades in the mixing drum, and the effect is strong and natural, and reliable.

Vibrating sand washing machine

Vibrating sand washing machine

A vibrating sand washing machine is professional equipment for large-scale stone cleaning, with high output and low water consumption.

The material processed by the vibrating sand washing machine, (stone) 20mm-100mm, can wash the soil, ash powder, sundries on the material into clean materials, and has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, and high washing efficiency. The machine is composed of the eccentric block on the upper part of the vibrating screen, circular vibration, motor, and other structures. It is connected to the circular vibration motor and the screen box to vibrate to work. With the help of the equipment angle, strong spring, and other working principles, separation and cleaning are automatically performed.


1. Very little loss of medium and fine sand and stone powder.

2. The machine has almost no wearing parts except the screen.

3. Long service life, no maintenance for a long time.

sand washer

The above are 4 common sand washing and stone washing equipment. When choosing equipment, you should consider the composition of sand and gravel, the estimated production capacity, the conditions of the production site, and other factors. Only by choosing the most suitable one for your own production requirements can you obtain a better economy. benefit.

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