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The LZZG feldspar sand washing and beneficiation production line process is suitable for potash feldspar, albite, and nepheline syenite. Given different feldspar mineral types and ore properties, LZZG has formulated a series of different feldspar ore beneficiation processes, including magnetic separation, flotation, washing or screening, and recovery combined processes, to achieve the removal of mica mineral impurities. Obtain potassium and sodium feldspar concentrate.

Potash feldspar production line design plan

Potash feldspar beneficiation production line configuration plan

1. Crushing and screening stage

According to different raw ore bulk particle sizes, different crushing processes have been developed. From a simple one-stage crushing process to a three-stage crushing process, the lump ore is coarsely crushed and then screened. In the crushing stage, the qualified ore enters the grinding operation, and the ore on the screen is returned to the fine crushing, which ensures the eligibility of the ore particle size that enters the next stage of operation.

2. Grinding and classification stage

The qualified products in the crushing stage enter the ball mill for ore grinding. The discharge of the ball mill enters the grading equipment for classification, and the grit from the grading equipment is returned to the ball mill for regrinding. The overflow of the classification equipment is the qualified product in the grinding stage.

3. Desliming stage

The qualified abrasive mineral materials are sent to the desliming hopper for desliming operation.

4. Magnetic separation stage

The ore after desliming enters the two-stage magnetic separation operation of weak magnetic field and strong magnetic field to remove the magnetic material in the ore.

Potash feldspar production line design plan


5. Flotation stage

To remove impurities such as iron, calcium, and mica that may be present in the magnetic separation concentrate. Separate the excessive quartz in the ore to improve the grade of the concentrate, and the magnetic separation concentrate will be purified by flotation. For impurity minerals, Xinhai usually adopts well-selected collectors to obtain high-grade feldspar fine powder.

6. Sand washing stage

Take the spiral sand washing machine as an example. The sand and gravel materials are stirred by the screw device in the equipment, so that the soil and water in the sand and gravel materials are mixed and discharged from the outflow port on the equipment, and the sand and gravel materials are gradually screened under the action of the screw device and discharged from the discharge port. Discharge, thus realizing the cleaning and screening effect of sand and gravel materials.

7. Screening stage

The under-sieve that meets the specifications enters the cleaning water tank of the sand washing and recycling integrated machine, and the sand washing wheel rotates to stir the materials in the washing tank for cleaning operations. Can remove impurities covering the surface of the material. After cleaning, the coarse-grained materials are sent to the dewatering sieve by the dredger for dewatering.

8. Sludge and tailwater treatment stage

Separation of mud and sand, separation of mud and water, and dry discharge of solid waste, with clear steps and meticulous division of labor. The unique structural design of each machine ensures that it can play its role to the greatest extent, to achieve the purpose of simple and good results.

Potash feldspar production line design plan

Advantages of potash feldspar beneficiation production line

1. The equipment configuration of the entire potash feldspar beneficiation production line is reasonable, the technological process is very simple and mature, and the operation is greatly simplified.

2. The efficiency of potash feldspar beneficiation is high, the processing volume is large, and the output is increased by more than 50%, which effectively meets the production requirements of the concentrator for high yield and high efficiency.

3. It is not easy to malfunction during operation, with low energy consumption and less waste of resources, and the total cost is reduced.

Potash feldspar production line design plan

The production equipment in the design plan of the potash feldspar production line is configured differently according to the number of meshes required by the user, and the production working principle is also different. The potash feldspar production line designed by LZZG is reasonably priced and superior. Users are welcome to inquire and purchase.

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