Sewage Sludge Treatment In Concrete Mixing Station


Concrete is currently one of the indispensable building materials. At present, the construction industry is in a period of rapid development. During the peak period of urban construction, the demand for concrete is also increasing year by year. The role of the concrete mixing plant in construction is becoming more and more prominent, but the production and transportation of concrete mixing plants will inevitably produce a large amount of sewage. The sewage sludge treatment equipment of the concrete mixing plant designed and developed by Longzhong has played an essential role.

Sewage Sludge Treatment

The main source of sewage

1. Sewage produced by washing vehicles.

2. Sewage from site cleaning.

3. Sewage produced by the cleaning of the supporting facilities of the mixing building during the production process

This sewage contains not only cement, soil, sand, and other materials, but also oil, concrete additives, and other ingredients. If this sewage is not effectively treated and used, and allowed to be discharged naturally, it will cause serious pollution to the environment.

Sewage Sludge Treatment

Mixing station sewage treatment system

1. Sediment separation equipment

A dewatering screen can be used to dewater the sand and gravel, and the swinging screen can classify the sand and gravel for reuse of raw materials.

2. Fine sand recovery equipment

The sand washing and recycling integrated machine or the fine sand recycling machine can be used to realize the washing, dewatering, and recycling of the materials under the screen after screening through the cyclone.

3. Concentration tank

The equipment achieves the separation of mud and water through concentration and sedimentation and realizes the purification of the tailwater.

4. Filter press

The thickened sludge in the thickening tank is pressed into a sludge cake through a belt filter press or a box filter press to achieve sludge dewatering and dry stacking.

Sewage Sludge Treatment

The equipment designed by Longzhong mainly includes sewage treatment pipelines, oil separation sedimentation tanks, concentrated sewage tanks, sludge separation equipment, sewage pumps, filter presses, and automatic control systems. The sewage treatment plant of the concrete mixing plant designed and developed by Longzhong is a closed automatic sewage treatment system. Under the principle of recycling, the wastewater is separated from mud and sand, separated from mud and water, and solid waste is discharged dry. Make the entire concrete batching plant production plant realize the concept of environmentally friendly production.

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