Wheel Sand Washer VS Screw Sand Washer


Wheel Sand Washer

wheel sand washer

Wheel sand washer is mainly used in construction sites, sand and stone plants, concrete prefabricated fields of hydropower stations, quartz sand in glass factories, and pressure sand for oil well back filling. The Wheel sand washer is an essential equipment for the completion of the artificial sand and natural sand washing operations. It can wash away the stone powder and impurities that mixed in the machine-made sand, and improve the quality of the sand.


Screw Sand Washer

screw sand washer

Screw sand washer is suitable for washing, classification, and impurity removal in hydropower, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. It uses for washing of coarse and fine-grained materials. It has a good sealing structure, a fully enclosed transmission device, and the adjustable weir plate ensures the output. It divides into a single screw sand washer and double screw sand washer.


Working Principle of Wheel Sand Washer

During work, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after deceleration through the V-belt, reducer, and gear. The sand and stone enter the washing tank through the feeding tank, roll under the drive of the impeller, and grind each other to remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand and stone.

At the same time, the water vapor layer covering the sand particles is destroyed to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, water is in addition to form a powerful water stream, and impurities and small foreign objects with slight specific gravity are taken away in time, and discharged from the overflow tank to complete the cleaning effect.

Clean sand and gravel are made away from the blades, and the sand and gravel are poured into the discharge trough from the rotating impeller to complete the cleaning of the sand and gravel.

Working Principle of Screw Sand Washer

Screw sand washer is composed of a tank body, a spiral blade, a reducer, a central shaft, a motor and a bracket. The rotor of the machine adopts a fundamental structure, and the spiral blades are installed on the inner shaft. Reducer works by connecting to the central shaft.

When working, material enters through the inlet, and the gravel is screened and classified under the action of the spiral device by the specific gravity of the solid particles, and discharged from the discharge port.

sand washers

Wheel Sand Washer VS Screw Sand Washer


1. Wheel Sand Washer: Exquisite appearance, simple wheel type structure and small footprint.

2. Screw Sand Washer: The machine has a narrow body and a horizontal structure, footprint is larger than wheel sand washer.

Cleaning Ability

1. Wheel Sand Washer : The capacity of wheel sand washer equipment is generally minute, which is suitable for sand production line systems with small and medium capacity.

2. Screw Sand Washer: It has powerful cleaning ability and can effectively clean sand and gravel with serious impurities. It is often configured in dense sand production lines.

Product Prices

1. Price of wheel sand washer is relatively quiet. It belongs to economic sand washing machine and its running cost is lesser.

2. Price of screw sand washer is relatively high, which belongs to heavy capacity sand washer.

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