Sand Aggregate Wash Plant for Sale


The market demand for high-quality sand aggregate is increasing year by year, users put forward higher requirements for sand aggregate wash plant. In this form, LZZG launched the hot sale sand aggregate wash plant : Spiral Sand Washing and Recycling Machine(we called Spiral Sand Washing Plant) to meet customers’ demands.

Compared with the traditional spiral sand washing machine, this Spiral Sand Washing Plant makes up for the serious defect of fine sand and aggregates loss, saving customers more costs and creating more benefits.

Spiral Sand Washing Plant

What is Spiral Sand Washing Plant

The Spiral Sand Washing Plant is also called Minerals Compact Sand Plant or Minerals Sand Wash Plant. It is an efficient and multifunctional sand washing machine which is consists of a spiral sand washing machine, a vibrating dewatering screen and hydrocyclones. The structural design is relatively compact, so the footprint is small. Its processing capacity is large, the output can reach more than 300 tons per hour, and the products can be well screened and cleaned.

LZZG Spiral Sand Washing Plants are mainly used for washing, screening and dewatering materials. Which have been widely applied for mining, urban construction, quartz sand, river sand, natural sand, aggregate, piling mud, river dredging, ceramic raw material and various metal tailings processing.

This new type sand aggregate wash plant resolved the defects of large sand loss and large water consumption that caused by traditional sand washing machines, accordingly improving the quality of the finished sand and meeting the quality requirements of customers.

Spiral Sand Washing Plant Working Principle

First, the material enters the cleaning box of the spiral sand washer through the feeder. During the work of the equipment, the spiral device of the spiral sand washer continuously stirs the sand and gravel material, so that the soil and water in the material are mixed to achieve the purpose of separation. Due to the different sinking speed of solid particles in the liquid, the fine particles floating on the water will overflow, and the coarse particles will sink into the bottom of the water tank and will be pushed to the discharge port by the spiral blade.

screw washer

Solid particles fall onto the dewatering screen. The exciter on the dewatering screen generates a unidirectional excitation force to make the screen box reciprocate and linearly move.The water on the material falls into the screen box through the sieve hole, and enters the water storage tank at the back through the overflow device.

Waste water is pumped into the cyclone by slurry pump. After concentrated under the action of centrifugal force, the separated fine sand is sent from the top sprayer of the cyclone to the polyurethane screen, and is discharged after being dewatered through the dewatering vibrating screen. The separated sewage is discharged from the cyclone overflow port and enters the sedimentation tank.The upper cleaner water can be used for subsequent sand washing.

Spiral Sand Washing Plant Features

1. The structure is reasonable, saves water consumption, can be better screened and cleaned.

2. The weight or concentration of the material recovered by the linear dewatering vibrating screen is 70% -85%. The fines recovery unit can recover 85% of the fine-grained materials in the total discharge.

3. High quality and reasonable price for minimising cost of customers

4. Large processing capacity, low power consumption and high cleanliness.

5. The mud discharge is greatly reduced and Improved environmental performance.

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